Watch Michael Jackson Protester dancing during Baltimore Riots

Watch Michael Jackson Protester dancing during Baltimore Riots

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An agitator named Dimitri Reeves, who is a Michael Jackson fan too, grooved to the funky beat during the recent riots which took place in Baltimore.

He danced to the beat of the late MJ’s “Beat It” during the Baltimore riots which took place recently. By doing this Dimitri Reeves proved once and for all that violence is not his thing. He would rather jive and boogey-woogey instead of lashing out against authority figures.

As the riots progressed to get more and more vicious with the passage of time, Dimitri turned up the volume on his favorite Michael Jackson song and shook, rattled and rolled. The protestors who had other things on mind committed theft and burnt down a CVS pharmacy a few blocks away from where Dimitri was dancing away.

He was moonwalking, grabbing his crotch and shouting out the words to the song in karaoke manner. Dimitri managed to get on the roof of a truck and he gave the angry crowd a few lessons in modern dancing.

The vision of this dancer drunk on the music of the late pop star sure surprised the rioters who were streaming behind the funeral of a Black American who had succumbed to a spinal cord wound while in jail.

Dimitri was reported to have said that he wanted to spread some positivity and proactivity for a change. Burning and overturning vehicles was not the answer to our problems, he seemed to be saying in his own way.   

Dimitri is a professional artist and performer who regularly dances to the beat of the boombox in the city of Baltimore. So why would he forgo the practice on this special occasion of a riot. Soon his video clips went viral as he danced non-stop and in an endlessly ecstatic manner.

Dimitri spoke of how the tension was in the air when the riots got underway. He said that while he was dancing wildly to the beat of Michael Jackson’s gangster song “Beat It”, the crowds of people were running in agony and anger all around him.

While half the onlookers took pics and video clips of him, the rest were a bit too negative and shouted at him to keep the volume on low. When he didn’t do that, they pulled out his boom box’s connection.

Dimitri went so far as to say that he thanked God that no harm was done to him while he was on top of the truck. He was just demonstrating to the angry mob that such nihilism wasn’t the solution to their problems and that only by going through a proper channel could they achieve their rights.

About two dozen policemen got injured during the riots. But as for Dimitri, he didn’t hurt a single fly. He just danced away to the music which was his life’s passion.  


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