Watch Samsung’s New Adorable Holiday Commercial

Watch Samsung’s New Adorable Holiday Commercial

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The commercial includes Dax Shepard helping the pregnant Kristen Bell.

The new Samsung commercial ‘Home for the Holidays’ includes Dax Shepard and the gorgeous actress Kristen Bell. The couple in an interview to US Weekly revealed their holiday junkies. Kristen Bell married Dax Shepard in 2013 and the couple is now expecting their second baby as Kristen is pregnant.

The couple explained that being in the Samsung holiday campaign was amazing and they really loved it as they are complete holiday lovers. They explained that they are showing people a picture of their real life through the commercial.

Dax added that they even wear matching sweater in their home and so you could realize that the couple is just addicted to being together. Samsung has already used the couple before in a different commercial in mid-September. The couple also talks about Kristen’s pregnancy.

Dax calls her a giant wounded elk, who seems has been hit and won’t die. This is because he explained she keeps snoring, drooling, kicking, grunting and waking up. Kristen said that she was great and is enjoying her second pregnancy.

Bell is seen eating popcorn and gingerbread while Dax is seen putting Christmas lights on the roof. The couple is then seen kissing each other. The couple throughout the commercial is seen wearing awesome matching sweaters and using Samsung’s various electronics.  

Just as everyone is getting ready for the Christmas holidays Samsung is also gearing up. Their new add shows Dax and Kristen getting ready for Christmas with all of their Samsung devices. The commercial gives the viewers a glance of the Galaxy Note Edge, which is Samsung’s newest phablet with a curved display.

The Gear S is also shown in the commercial, the Tizen-running standalone smart-watch. Voice calling on the Gear S is shown and Samsung has done a very good job in doing so. We also see video calling throughout the commercial on the Galaxy Tab S. How the S5 can stay behind and so the commercial fits it in too, as they show off the IR blaster to turn on the huge Samsung high resolution curved television. 

Samsung wrote that from wearing matching sweaters and pajama’s to the brilliant decorating, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard know how to enjoy for the holidays. The commercial is only two minute long and does not specifically advertise any product but shows the viewers some of the features of every device.

The commercial is well-planned and well-orchestrated. It quite funny and does not bore the viewer, plus shows off the products really well. That is what is needed in any commercial and Samsung has done it once again and this time it was rather perfect. 

For anyone who is interested in Samsung’s new gadgets should go and check the details further. Plus the Black Friday shopping season is coming and so interested buyers could wait for it and then purchase their favorite Samsung gadgets. Samsung has no doubt made an awesome commercial once again.

Source: BGR , UsWeekly

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