Watch the New Bond Car Aston Martin DB10

Watch the New Bond Car Aston Martin DB10

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  • Two new posters and the new car for the next Bond 24 movie ‘Spectre’ were featured in the press conference.
  • The newest Aston Martin DB10 was also unveiled as the new Bond ride in Spectre.

There are certain essentials when it comes to the Bond movies and when director Sam Mendes announced the 24th movie of the franchise at

Pinewood Studios at Iver Heath in Buckinghamshire, west of London, we had to tick off all the essentials of the list. First was, who’s Bond? It’s Daniel Craig of course. The super villains were covered by Christopher Waltz and David Bautista. The Bond girls will be played by Monica Bellucci, Penelope Cruz and Lea Seydoux. Then there comes the ultimate question. What is the car Bond is driving?

The press conference unveiled the sleek brand new Aston Martin DB10. if beauty can be defined in terms of car, this car is it. The car has been especially designed to be featured in Spectre.

The Aston Martin team and EON productions celebrated 50 years of their relationship and designed the car to be driven especially by Bond. Inspired by DB5, the team collaborated with EON productions to meet the unique requirements of being a Bond car. 

Dr Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin stated that this car is a celebratory effort of the car company’s association with 007. The car was unveiled along with the next movie’s cast ensemble. He also thanked the Gaydon Company for bringing reality to their concepts and said it was great to have Bond behind the wheel of an Aston once more. If Bond was into cars rather than girls, it won’t be necessary to cast any Bond girls.

The other thing to be featured on the press was the revelation of the new poster for the movie. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the words to describe this picture /4/include cool, cold, harsh, ironic, lethal; and so many more. It features a glass with a bullet hole in it over black background. The mirror cracked and yet the glass is still intact. That’s the simplest you might get with posters. The bottom features a metallic double shade ‘SPECTRE’ followed with the signatory 007. The release date is also stated as 6 November, 2015.

The other poster was designed for the press conference featuring #Bond24 Announcement. The official poster doesn’t give away much but adds to the intrigue of the movie and it is the trend for the latest Bond movies to make the posters as less giving as possible in comparison to the old Bond movies which featured almost everything on the posters. There might be a new poster design to be released near the film release but until that we have to get used to a bullet hole crack in the name of Spectre. 

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