Wells Fargo Will Give You $20 Worth Of Credit On Your First Apple Pay Transaction

Wells Fargo Will Give You $20 Worth Of Credit On Your First Apple Pay Transaction


The credits /4/take up to two months to arrive apparently, but you can’t complain about free money

It might just sound weird to you if we tell you that Apple is currently busy with its secret war with the retailers who are not cooperating with the fruit giant in its efforts to bring the system of Apple Pay to practice in the shopping world. The reason why this sounds weird is that retailers are usually more concerned about somehow getting money from the customers and their ignorance of this new system of payment is just not quite right. Retailers generally have made it impossible to use the service even after it was found to work in an unsupported capacity.

Another surprising thing here is the role of the banks which, for once, have talked some sense, particularly because they have thrown their weight behind Apple Pay. So the benefit to the banks here is the added security as opposed to the insecure method of having a credit card swiped and hence they have played their part well and are all in for Apple Pay. They are highly going to be relived if this system gets mainstream because that would mean reduced number of frauds.

Wells Fargo is an example here which everyone should be following by now. It has not only decided to let customers use the Apple Pay services, but it has also given them an incentive to do so by offering to pay them for the privilege. The credit card customers are going to get $20 worth of credit if they make use of Apple Pay as their payment method. The debit card customers on the other hand are going to be awarded $10. Though this credit might take up a month or two to be transferred but when it comes to free money, nobody should be complaining.


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