Which Smartphones support Panoramic Photography

Which Smartphones support Panoramic Photography

Panoramic photography is a highly desired feature in the modern Smartphones of today. It is a very innovative and creative photography technique where the images are captured by deploying latest state of the art equipment. The image is also captured with an enlarged field of view. This kind of photography is also alternately known as Wide Format Photography.

For panoramic photography, a range of cameras, Smartphone, gadgets, and special software are available. Nearly all the Smartphone manufacturers comes with built in panoramic photography, more so because it has became a norm in the advanced cameras these days.

Following are the best Smartphones that support Panoramic Camera:

  • iPhone 5s – iPhone 5s is considered the best Smartphone giving excellent panoramic photography results.  The iPhone 5s with its brilliant 8 MP camera gives closer to reality results. On your iPhone Camera, choose the panoramic option first. Then just move camera right to left or vice versa slowly in order to capture the panoramic image. The pictures by default will be saved in your photo album.
  • Nokia Lumia 1020 – The incredible Nokia Lumia 1020 is considered a photographer’s Smartphone more than anything else. No other Smartphone is produced which gives anything near to 41 MP as in the Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone. This is what is reflected in its panoramic images as well. The panoramic image can be taken in the same was as any other Smartphone with just the difference in enabling the panoramic mode.
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – Samsung Galaxy S5 is another fantastic device which gives brilliant panoramic images results. Due to the strong processing capability of the Galaxy S5, the captured images are stitched very effectively and very transparently to form a panoramic image.
  • HTC One – Although it has a small 4.3 MP camera, but the panoramic results of this Smartphone are incredible. It is mainly because of its strong processing speeds that panoramic images are captured so accurately.
  • Sony Xperia Z2 – Sony Xperia Z2 is probably the best product Sony in terms of the camera capability. The Sony products are almost always known for their exceptional cameras features and that is why they are mostly preferred. This capability is also shown in the Sony Xperia Z2 phone with exceptionally good panoramic photography features. The results obtained can match any of the other Smartphone images. 

Thus, panoramic photography is great and fun. Photography badly needed variation and panoramic photography provided just that. This kind of photography can be done by downloading different versatile panoramic software. It also eliminates the use of professional camera lenses that are needed to be installed in DSLR cameras for panoramic photography. The give you more options to take better panoramic images. However, the Smartphones discussed above come equipped with very useful camera and panoramic capabilities. 



The panoramic software apps can incur a little bit cost to download. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to use the built in panoramic feature of your Smartphone rather than downloading it from the an App store at a certain cost.

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