Windows 10 features to be revealed on January event

Windows 10 features to be revealed on January event


The event is going to take place by the end of January 2015

It wasn’t fair on account of Windows 10 which was announced by Microsoft at a rather low key event in San Francisco and as the nature of the event tells us, there wasn’t much revealed on the platform and we still have a lot of questions in our minds. As far as the consumer front goes, we didn’t get to hear much unfortunately. However, news about an event to be held earlier in the next year has our hopes high and it has also been revealed that the company is finally going to unveil more than we deserve regarding the Windows 10. This time we might not be left wondering about most of the things since Microsoft has been planning to reveal the exciting features which will be part of the new OS.

We do admit that we were kind of taken aback after the announcement of Windows 10 since the Windows 9 moniker had been completely slashed off. In all honestly, we all had been expecting to see Windows 9 after Windows 8 and no one had really anticipated a jump straight to 10. The progression is going really well and fast for the Windows 10 and there are already a couple of Technical Preview downloads. We do have an idea about what the new platform is going to bring to the PCs and we have also been made aware of the slightly revamped design however the technical preview downloads only cover a tiny portion of what the actual thing is going to be eventually. It won’t be wrong to call this a trailer of the final consumer release which Microsoft has planned.

From what we have deduced from the sayings of TheVerge, the event is going to take place by the end of January 2015 and since there is a considerable gap between the announcement and the actual consumer release, this event will help to bridge the gap of forgetfulness and will pique the interest of consumers once again.

We are already familiar with the ‘Continuum’ feature which is going to give users an opportunity to easily switch between two interfaces and non-touch environments. This is one thing which users of the Windows 8 didn’t quite like about the OS has been put to right since now they can find their way around it without any hassle. The closer the event gets, the more we have our fingers crossed and it might be interesting to see what the company actually has in store for its contemporary-loving customers.

source: theverge

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