Wonder Woman is in Search of a Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is in Search of a Wonder Woman

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Superhero movie Wonder Women is about to start and Warner Bros. is looking for a female director.

Warner Bros is all set to launch a new superhero movie from Marvel’s characters. It is said that WB is considering famous female directors for the “Wonder Women” movie.There are seven directors that are currently on the list of WB for Wonder Women. 

The list includes: Catherine Hardwick who has directed Twilight; Julie Taymor director of Spider-Man; Mimi Leder who directed Deep Impact; Karyn Kusama who directed Jennifer’s Body; Tricia Brock director of Community; an Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow director of Zero Dark Thirty; and an Emmy winner Michelle MacLaren who is the director of Game of Thrones. 

All these highly talented movie directors are being considered for the job of Wonder Women’s director. Recently Forbes has claimed that Bigelow will be the toughest one to be appointed due to her tight schedule. Forbes also claimed that Leder and MacLaren will be the most likely contenders for this position. 

Wonder Women will be released in 2023 but preparations for it have started at present. It will be the first superhero movie that will be a female-led one. There has been a craze of superhero movies since the past few years. People love all the characters of Marvel. 

Most of the movies depicting Marvel characters have managed to do great business at the box office. Wonder Women being a famous female character will be worth watching for sure. This is the reason that WB is looking for the best director to do this job. 

A female director for this movie will mean that it would be the second superhero movie to have a women director. Previously Lexi Alexander directed Punisher in 2008. According to recent news, it looks like MacLaren will be one of WB’s top picks for this job. 

She has done a wonderful job in directing the famous series Game of Thrones and has a lot of potential. However her skills for the big screen are yet unknown but it is hoped that she will do great as far as making movies is concerned.

Source: IGN , DigitalSpy

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