World’s First Murder Happened 430000 Years Ago

World's First Murder Happened 430000 Years Ago

  • New Evidence Unearthed of Prehistoric Conflicts Leading to Murder
  • World’s First Murder Happened 4,30,000 Years Ago

Some new evidence has been unearthed of prehistoric conflicts leading to murder among those who fought each other.

During the Pleistocene Era in prehistory, Homo Sapiens used to fight each other tooth and nail as excavated fossils seem to show proof of. While it was thought that these battles didn’t end in the death of one or the other parties, now new evidence points in the direction of lethal exchanges that left murder and mayhem in their wake. 

Human violence and warfare were common even in a supposedly idyllic state of Nature. A skull discovered from the Pleistocene Era shows wounds and dents in it that suggest that it was struck viciously by a very blunt and heavy object.

The intentions deduced from the act were likely the urge to kill the other one off. Thus it seems that warfare and conflict is not a product of civilization alone. It has roots that are buried deep in the evolutionary psyche of mankind. 

The find has all the makings of an archaeological murder mystery a la Agatha Christie. And while such acts of murderous rage and internecine warfare are not as frequent as the mess we find ourselves in today, they were proportionately enough to spread chaos on a large scale in those early unpopulated times.

The forensics team and DNA testing not to mention carbon dating methods that were used on the site where the punctured skull was unearthed seem to give impetus to man’s original warring nature.  

Aggression is something that has always existed. And the cause of aggression is frustration. Furthermore, aggression is universal because frustration is universal. There is no known society on earth that is not free of the “Thanatos” instinct or death drive. It is the force that destroyed the ancients and it /4/destroy our own so-called advanced civilization as well. 

The research, conducted by an international team of collaborators and this study published in PLOS journal on Wednesday.

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