World’s Oldest Person Misao Okawa dies at 117

World's Oldest Person Misao Okawa dies at 117

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The world’s oldest person as recognized by the Guinness World Records has died in Japan at the age of 117 years.

Misao Okawa, the world’s oldest person died at the age of 117. She just celebrated her 117th birthday in Osaka a couple weeks ago. Misao Okawa turned 117 on March 5. Mrs. Okawa has been identified as the world’s oldest living person since the June 12, 2013.

She took over  the title of world’s oldest person when Japanese Jiroemon Kimura died at the age of 116 years. Misao Okawa is only the 5th person ever to reach the age of 117. She was born in the year 1898. The age of 117 is a definitive limit for humans. The oldest verified age was 122. Jeanne Calment of France, who died in 1997 was the oldest person ever lived.

Misao Okawa secret to longevity was sushi and sleep. On her last birthday she said though when asked about the secret of her longevity: “I wonder about that too.”

So who is the new oldest person in the world? It is surprisingly not a Japanese, who are known for their longevity. It is an American woman. 116 year-old Getrude Weaver is now the oldest person in the world.


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