Xiaomi Mi Band Unlocks Phones Without Any Password

Xiaomi Mi Band unlocks phones without any password

At Xiaomi’s event earlier today in Beijing, the company also announced its first wearable that is the Mi Band. Like any other wearable, the Mi Band can track user movement and sleeping patterns. It can also function as a smart alarm.

But what makes the Mi Band different from other offerings is its 30-day battery life, which is pretty impressive. Xiaomi CEO Lei /7/has high hopes for the company’s first wearable.

“I believe this wristband will very soon become the world’s best-selling wristband,” he boasted.

Lei /7/also revealed a breakthrough feature found exclusively on the Mi Pad. He says that the wearable can also be used to automatically unlock a phone without any password. If you hold a Xiaomi phone in the same hand where the Mi Band is, the phone will unlock itself automatically.

It’s worth noting that the newly launched Xiaomi Mi 4 has an infrared transmitter which could work in par with the Mi Band.

“Once you start using a wristband to unlock your phone, you won’t go back,” he teased.

At just 79RMB or roughly $13, the Mi Band is priced competitively against Samsung’s wearables. And, oh, did we mention that it’s waterproof too?

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