You Can’t Increase RAM On New Mac Mini

You Can't Increase RAM on New Mac Mini

  • New 2014 Mac mini has fixed RAM
  • RAM is In-built
  • No extra SATA for additional hard drive
  • No Thumb dents

You Can’t Increase RAM on New Mac Mini

Apple has finally launched the new 2014 Mac mini. However, there is nothing to smile about this new model. You are actually better of with your old mac model because the new one has so many limitations which contradicts what Apple users are used to. According to Macworld, the new mini comes with 500GB hard disk, 1.4GHz Duo-Core Intel Core i5 processor. With such specs, you can be sure that you will enjoy using your device at extremely high speeds. You only need $499 to get the new model.

On the other hand, if you care about memory, you have every reason to worry. This is because you can not install additional RAM on the new mini. This is due to the fact that the RAM is fixed. You just have to be content with what you will get. The manufacturer has actually soldered the RAM on to the motherboard of the device and so a layman can not fix it.

If anything, you should get it fixed by your local Apple agent. For instance, if you buy a Mac with 8GB and need to increase the storage capacity, you have no choice but to buy a new device that has a higher capacity. This is exactly what has left most people complaining.

RAM upgrade has usually been a walk in the park with the older models of Mac because all one had to to is insert RAM chip into the memory bank. RAM is crucial because it determines whether you will be able to load lots of graphics and play some high definition games.

In the older models, it was easy to install more RAM because the banks were within reach. They were actually located just below the cover of the bottom. With this new model, it’s only a certified technician that can get the job done.

It is therefore advisable to analyze your memory needs before parting with your hard earned money. As a matter of fact, most people think Apple is selfish because they have customized their devices not to be compatible with the devices from other manufacturers.

Besides that, if you thought you can install an internal hard disk on your Mac, you need to think otherwise because they have not reserved any SATA port for that particular purpose. They have actually included an alternative in the name of socket that is designed to accommodate a PCIe cable for installing SSD chipsets.

From the look of things it’s cheaper to buy Mac devices than to have them repaired. Perhaps the manufacturer is using this strategy to increase its sales. The company has actually fastened the device using tamper proof screws to make it impossible to assemble it.

Previously, it was easier to assemble your device by simply using the thumb dents to open the bottom cover. The dents are no where to be seen on the new model. Apple has for a long time been considered as a leader but they seem to have exhausted their creativity.

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