Zachary Quinto, J.J. Abrams and Chris Pine Attend Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral

Zachary Quinto, J.J. Abrams and Chris Pine attend Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral

Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto / Getty Images

There were notable celebrities among the hundreds of guests present at Leonard Nimoy’s funeral. They included Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto among their ranks.

Quite a whole lot of people arrived at the funeral of Leonard Nimoy. On Sunday, in the early hours, the last rites took place and Nimoy was laid to rest in his casket before being buried. Over 300 people were present on the occasion, according to E! News. They included J.J. Abrams, Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine.

Zachary Quinto also paid tribute to Leonard Nimoy. See his Instagram below.

The man who played the role of the alien Mr. Spock so well on Star Trek left this world for the next on February 27th. He had COPD and died of lung disease complications. The funeral was a Jewish one in keeping with Leonard’s traditional roots and the Rabbi present spoke of how all those who were there were connected to Nimoy in some way.

He said that the actor had really been fond of his wife and the two had spent a lifetime caring for each other. In fact, it was his wife’s loving nature that had seen him through the painful illness which took his life in the end. 

His entire family offered their profuse thanks to his friends and well-wishers on his Facebook page. They expressed their grief over the loss of a wonderful father, loving grandfather and great husband, all of them roles which Nimoy played with great kindness and exceptional warmth.

He was truly a sweet soul and beautiful spirit, quite the opposite of the serious and sombre Mr. Spock he portrayed on screen. While Mr. Spock hardly ever smiled on the television series, Nimoy in real life often turned that frown upside down.

And although his costar and best buddy, William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the series, was unable to make it to his funeral, his daughters did attend the ceremony. Shatner later on remarked that Nimoy was a good man who had done a lot of altruistic acts throughout his long life on earth.

He had shown affection to others and been the receiver of a lot of love too. Shatner said that despite his longevity, it still seemed to be such a short time during which he was alive and it looked like he died too soon. /4/his soul rest in peace. H

is wife was with him in his last hours on earth and when he could not speak any longer and seemed about to go, she told him that she loved him and that it was okay, she would always remember him. He passed away shortly after that leaving her in tears.  


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