$159 HP 15-f059wm Laptop Is Walmart Black Friday 2014 Laptop Deal

$159 HP 15-f059wm Laptop is Walmart Black Friday 2014 Laptop Deal

  • This is the Black Friday 2014 Bargain Laptop

The Walmart Black Friday 2014 Ad is released. Find below an analysis of one of the advertised Walmart Black Friday 2014 deals.

Walmart announced the New Black Friday today. The Walmart Black Friday 2014 Ad has been released. The Walmart Black Friday 2014 sale will feature again many doorbuster deals including the convenient 1-Hour Guarantee Doorbuster deals that make it easy for shoppers to score one of the deeply discounted Black Friday items.

As in the past years we analyze all Walmart Black Friday 2014 deals and point you to the best ones and give you recommendation if you should get a deal or not. Below we take a close look at one of the advertised deals in the Walmart Black Friday 2014 Ad.

Walmart will offer an already traditional bargain Black Friday laptop. The $159 HP 15.6-inch Laptop sets a new record in the lowest priced full featured Windows 8 laptop. The price pressure of the new flash based Windows 8 laptop has an impact on pushing the price of bargain laptops on Black Friday under $160.

The Walmart HP laptop runs on the Intel Celeron CPU, 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD. This HP bargain laptop has a DVD drive and Windows 8.1 is installed. Walmart is not revealing the model number of the $159 HP laptop. 

It is sure a Walmart exclusive item Walmart says you save $70 on this deal. This means this HP sells regular for $229. We could not find it via this price, but there is a match of the specifications with the HP 15-f059wm that is sold by Walmart in a bundle deal with Mouse Case, USB stick and Anti-Virus software for $299.

It is almost certain that Walmart will sell the 15-f059wm for $159 on Black Friday.

The $159 HP laptop goes on sale in the second Walmart Black Friday doorbuster wave at 8pm Thanksgiving Day. This is not a 1-Hour guarantee deal. Walmart will likely hand out wristbands for this deal prior to the start time.

See this Walmart Black Friday Deal.

The Walmart Black Friday 2014 Sale starts at 6pm Thanksgiving Day with the first wave of doorbusters. The second Walmart Black Friday 2014 doorbuster event is at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day and the third doorbuster event is Black Friday morning at 8am. The online Walmart Black Friday 2014 sale starts early Thanksgiving Day.

Browse the complete Walmart Black Friday 2014 Ad to see all deals.

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