2015 could also see an iPad Pro

2015 could also see an iPad Pro

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Rumors are lighting up the internet

2015 is already turning out to be a big year for Apple. The company has announced this past week that they have set record breaking earning numbers and they also are seeing the Apple Watch to be launched in April and the new 12 inch MacBook Air will also come out this year. There is also another product that might be coming out by Apple; this according to rumors on the internet. That product would be the iPad Pro.

A French technology blog and website called Nowhereelse has published recent photos showing a prototype case. It is about 13 inches in length and has two cutouts for speakers. The new MacBook Air will also have speakers but the case that is being shown for this new device is thicker so it could not be a MacBook Air of any kind. Analysts have said that this new mold could also be for a SIM card access which again would lead one to believe that it could be for a cellular or WiFi type device which the iPad Pro would certainly be.

Most people who have seen this new prototype have dubbed it the iPad Pro. The logistics of this new prototype certainly has a design that would make a person think that it would be a very strong relative to an iPad Air or iPad Mini. A stylus pen could also go with this new device. One could very easily say that this new mold that has been showing up on the internet could be the new 12 inch MacBook Air but then again with Appleā€™s sluggish iPad sales of late, the company could be looking to innovate and revamp the iPad. Apple has been able to put together record breaking sales numbers over the past couple of months. In fact, they are the richest company in the world right now. With the Apple Watch and a new MacBook Air looming, Apple could certainly bring in huge sales with the release of a iPad Pro during the course of the year in 2015.

Source: Nowhereelse

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