3D scanning technology coming to CES 2015

3D scanning technology coming to CES 2015


Cappasity, Inc. to unveil new product

Cappasity, Inc. has announced that they will be unveiling their new 3D scanning technology to the world at the upcoming CES 2015 conference to be held in Las Vegas. Cappasity, Inc. will be set up at the Sands for CES 2015 and they will be exhibiting their new Cappasity 3D Scan. This new hardware is looking that it could possibly be an industry game changer as it features the ability to take 360 degree images and data and manipulate that data within seconds.

Cappasity 3D Scan is one whose technology is very similar to that of the Microsoft Kinect for the XBox gaming console. It allows for extensions to be added to the hardware ie. using high definition cameras in order to get a more defined picture. This new technology that Cappasity, Inc. will be introducing at CES 2015 is one that will feature a special calibration process for images and one that is currently under patent pending.

Konstantin Popov is the CEO of Cappasity, Inc. and one point that he is making about the Cappasity 3D Scan is that it will be affordable. Cappasity, Inc. is a company that is only been around since last year but they are hoping that after CES 2015 their company and the Cappasity 3D Scan is one that will be known throughout the world. They have been in the 3D imaging computer technology during this short amount of time and its potential is one that certainly is looking to be a big one. Popov added that consumers can use one imaging sensor or they can use five and still be able to come out with a high class 3D imaged product. Popov added that while the Cappasity 3D Scan will be on display at CES 2015, it will not be until around the summer of 2015 when the product will be officially on the market. Beta testing of Cappasity 3D Scan can be found on the company website.

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