5 Best Video Editing Applications for Smartphones

5 Best Video Editing Applications for Android

The importance of video editing in the modern fast-paced world can definitely not be ignored. They all have access to video recording. What is shocking is that there are a handful of smart phones which can even record at a whooping 4K quality! That’s 4 times HD. That means it is 2160pixels.

These phones have been sold in the millions. The top 3 are Galaxy S5 and Note 3 of Samsung and Xperia Z2 of Sony. That is such a quality that not many television sets are present out there which can play this video. Many people don’t have these types of televisions. So, considering the advancement in video recording technology, video editing applications are quite famous out there among apps of different categories because of their usability.

There are a bunch of Video Editing Applications out there and competition is really heating up. We have compiled five out of many, in terms of popularity, usability, functionality, price, interface, etc. remember that they are in random order

  • Magisto– this application is available for both the famous Operating Systems; Android and iOS. It gives you the ability to interact easily with social media through your videos. After you edit it, the app makes it easier to upload the video to Facebook, YouTube, etc.  It has facial recognition and camera stabilization ability. 
  • VidTrim Pro – this is an extremely versatile video editor among the list. It is available for Android OS. There are two versions; one is free while the other costs a couple of bucks and is known as the pro version. The free version is add supported and doesn’t support 1080p video. It is very useful because of its advanced interface. It has a host of features to satisfy those hungry editor’s out there. You can even change the format of the video to .mpeg format which is the most popular format for cell phones. It even allows compression of videos. 
  • iMovie– this is a must have for smartphone users. It comes for a price though, but is generally cheap. It has all the features necessary for a resourceful video editor.
  • Movie Edit Touch – this is the top application for video editing present on the OS of Windows 8. This app shows that Windows can compete with the likes of Android and iOS. It is a great video editor which works very similar in fashion to iMovie, which is famous on iOS. It allows neat transitions; add titles and exporting results as HD movies. It is also very fast and powerful.
  • KineMaster Pro – it is available for Android OS. This is the app designed for professionals who need all the necessary tools to make their videos look fantastic. This is one of the most robust apps out there among the bunch. Serious users need to look no further. 


When we record videos, the important part of the funny part is minutes away, usually. For this reason, many of us like to cut out the boring unimportant part and leave out only the important part. We also like to add a little bit of funk here and there by putting in some music and transitions. Therefore, these applications nowadays are of immense importance, and a person using a smart phone can’t deny this reality.

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