5 Seconds of Summer celebrates Michael Clifford’s Birthday Today

5 Seconds of Summer celebrates Michael Clifford’s Birthday Today

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  • The punk rock band started the celebrations last night when they performed for the last time this year.
  • The lead guitarist, Michael Clifford’s fans have flooded Twitter with birthday wishes.

The artist himself has not interacted on social media.

The Aussie punk Rock band performed last night on their American tour before they went off back to attend ARIAs in Australia. The band has been waiting for their drummer Ashton Irwin’s recovery from his appendicitis surgery. He finally got healthy enough to join the band to make a stop at the LA Universal Studio. The reason behind this celebration was Ashton’s recovery and Michael Clifford’s birthday.

Yeah! It’s Michael Clifford’s birthday. Happy Birthday to the 5 Seconds of Summer lead guitarist. Although Michael didn’t have a social media blast like Lorde had. He sufficed with a simple ‘Party time’ tweet. His fans however didn’t disappoint. #HappyBirthdayMichaelClifford and two other similar hash tags have become the three trendiest topics on Twitter today.

Twitter is just flooded with birthday wishes and greetings to the musician. What a way to have a 19th birthday. The band spent the entire day at the Universal Studios before flying back to the studios.

Michael has not been very public about his birthday plans but he definitely voiced his opinion last week about how he wasn’t bothered that people called them a boy band. They were anything but and being compared to One Direction is natural as they both produce organic music. They started singing in his garage and have gone from there. If people are talking about them, that means they have got somewhere.

Michael shares his birthday with Oliver Sykes, Future, Kimberley Walsh, Michael Clifford, Connie Talbot, Cody Linley. Wishing Michael and all the other stars a happy birthday and we can’t wait to hear their new track Good Girls EP which is currently at number 23 on iTunes.

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