$99 iPhone 6 Deal in Sam’s Club November 15 Sale is In Store Only

$99 iPhone 6 Deal in Sam's Club November 15 Sale is In Store Only

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The Sam’s Club Holiday Celebration sale on November 15 is coming up. This is a real early access Black Friday sale. The Sam’s Club Holiday Savings Celebration sale features the $99 iPhone 6 with 2-yr. contract. This deal does not get better on Black Friday anywhere.

The Sam’s Club Holiday Savings Celebration sale is the first real early access Black Friday 2014 Sale. This Sam’s Club sale will take place Saturday, November 15 starting at 7am. The deals in this early Sam’s Club Black Friday 2014 sale are among most talked about Black Friday 2014 deals so far. Especially the $99 iPhone 6 deal people got really excited about.

Sam’s Club has listed all sales items available in the Sam’s Club Holiday Savings Celebration sale on Nov. 15 online except the $99 iPhone 6 as this deal is only available in Sam’s Clubs. 

It is astonishing that the new iPhone 6 is already selling with a $100 discount. The Apple Store shows still shipping delays of 7 to 10 days for new iPhone 6 orders. The $99 iPhone 6 deal is also quite a bit better than the best iPhone 5S Black Friday deal last year. Walmart offered the iPhone 5S for $189 + $75 Gift card, bringing down the effective cost to $114.

The $99 iPhone 6 deal will not be beaten in advertised Black Friday 2014 Deals. Best Buy will offer the iPhone 6 for $99.99 on Black Friday and Sam’s Club will also offer the $99 iPhone 6 deal again. I highly recommend to get the iPhone 6 deal this Saturday at Sam’s Club and not wait until Black Friday.

The supply situation of the iPhone 6 is still not ideal and stores might just not have a lot of iPhone 6 inventory during the Black Friday sales starting Thanksgiving Day.

The Sam’s Club Black Friday 2014 ad (Browse Ad Now) is released and the deals found in the retailer’s Black Friday ad are not better than on Nov. 15. The Sam’s Club Holiday Celebration Sale is indeed a Sam’s Club Black Friday sale that happens two weeks before Black Friday.

This sale is a great way to already bag some of the Sam’s Club Black Friday 2014 deals early.

See all Sam’s Club deals for November 15 on Samsclub.com.

The Sam’s Clubs will open at 7am on November 15. The online Sam’s Club Holiday Savings Celebration sale is likely to start earlier. Note that the $99 iPhone 6 deal is only available in stores.

Shop Sam’s Club online for the current Deals 

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Today is Thursday  November 13 and Thanksgiving Day is only two weeks away. Most Black Friday 2014 Sales will launch on Thanksgiving Day online and in stores. The most important Black Friday 2014 ads have been released including the Walmart Black Friday 2014 Ad.

This is the week with the big Black Friday 2014 ad releases. The Target Black Friday 2014 Ad and the Best Buy Black Friday 2014 Ad have been released earlier.
Another week of early Black Friday 2014 sales is upon us after a rather quite weekend with only few deals highlights. Today we expect several retailers to offer new deals in early Black Friday 2014 sales.

The weeks ahead of the actual Black Friday 2014 are the ideal time to score Black Friday deals without the usual stress involved.

To learn about the best Black Friday 2014 deals in time keep visiting our Black Friday 2014 Hub frequently and follow I4U News on Twitter and join our Black Friday Community on Facebook. 

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There have been already several great deals in the first days of the Black Friday 2014 sales season. The number of deals will increase as we get close to the Thanksgiving Week. It is important to know that the actual Black Friday 2014 sales will launch as early as on Sunday before the actual Black Friday 2014. Still, there will be already lots of deals that are equal or better leading up to the week of sales madness that will go over seamlessly into Cyber Monday 2014.

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