A.D. The Bible Continues Shows Jesus Christ And His Crucifixion

A.D. The Bible Continues shows Jesus Christ and His Crucifixion


The miniseries from NBC titled “A.D. The Bible Continues” shows Jesus Christ and His Crucifixion. Juan Pablo Di Pace plays the role of The Messiah very realistically.

Can a death followed by a resurrection on the cross be given a level of audience approval worth its weight in gold? NBC’s A.D. The Bible Continues resumes where The Bible’s journey ended and is a dozen episodes long.

This time around the subject matter is more difficult than the previous parables and morals that were told by Christian parents to their children at bedtime. This series shows the more complex and enigmatic events that transpired after the crucifixion was over.

The faith of the followers and the resurrection not to mention the ascension into heaven are all laid out in their definitive details. And God is in the details. The fact that the tomb was open and the body was missing are points to ponder.

The disciples have their roles cut out for them and finally the beginnings of the world’s largest religion are about to have their foundations in solid and strong faith that can move mountains. 

Characters that play central roles such as Mary Magdalene and Peter not to mention John are displayed going about their lives creating a difference where there would have been none otherwise. The figurehead of Jesus Christ remains literally ploughed into the Book of History instead of being just written in it.

The Son of Man and his influence in the form of words of wisdom and a biblical basis for an entire culture that would one day conquer the Western Hemisphere almost completely not to mention Europe and other huge swathes of the earth is depicted in its humble origins that were pure in their intentions and had a greatness of purpose.

A point in the series where Pilate is given the sincere advice by his wife Claudia that killing Jesus was not the solution since He would never die, rings true. Pontius Pilate’s dismissal of the advice in an offhand manner costs him heavily in the end when the Early Christians begin to hold vigils secretly in caves and await with passion and enthusiasm the second coming and the return of the Messiah.

Rome gave the world Christianity. And maybe when we see our own lives today…Western Civilization (which is currently at its peak) will give the rest of the world science and technology before it goes the way of all other civilizations.    

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