A Hidden Port Found Under Apple Watch’s Strap Connector

A port hidden under Apple Watch's strap connector

The upcoming Apple Watch boasts a mysterious data connection port which so far hasn’t been disclosed by Apple

It comes as no surprise that the Apple Watch is the most awaited smartwatch of the year and its delay hasn’t done anything to make people forget about it but it has rather increased the suspense and excitement. Now that the time of the official launch is drawing nearer, we are getting inside information about what this luxurious watch is going to feature. One interesting bit of information has emerged now which claims that the strap connector is going to house a port on its underside.

TechCrunch reports that this port is going to have six brass contact dots and will be found inside the bottom groove which is designed to accommodate Apple’s aftermarket straps. This six-contact connector somewhat sounds similar to the Lightning protocol of Apple which makes use of six of its eight leads for charging and data transfer. However, there are still doubts regarding this port and the question remains as to whether the Apple Watch will come with it when it hits stores but sources within the company have assured that this is real.

According to one of these sources, the port is going help with diagnostics but it might also be used for connecting accessories. But from what TechCrunch has deduced on its own, this data port can also mean future expansions into fields such as smart bands which might be designed to extend battery life or incorporate GPS and other sensing capabilities.

We might also see something of the same nature on the Pebble Time series. The new project is dubbed as “smartstraps” and it serves as an open platform which will facilitate the creation of hardware like GPS or heart rate monitoring. As far as Apple is concerned, nothing of this sort has even been suggested in the rumors so far but the introduction of this port does serve numerous possibilities for the future.


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