A Very Happy Birthday to a Sexy and Shirtless Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber celebrates 21st Birthday Bash festively on Caribbean Island

Hailey Baldwin & Yovanna Ventura Instagrams

The bad boy of pop, Justin Bieber, celebrated his 21st birthday bash on a Caribbean island. Two female model friends, Hailey Baldwin and Yovanna Ventura, were with him throughout the occasion.

Justin Bieber rented a Caribbean island for the sheer purpose of enjoying his 21st birthday party. There were sparklers and Justin was there alongside two model friends, Hailey Baldwin and Yovanna Ventura.

He posed with them without any clothes on his upper body and the tattoos on his buff figure were quite visible. Justin has Hailey holding him in a necklock in one photo that got posted on Instagram. He looks innocent enough yet looks can be deceiving.  


A photo posted by Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) on

And in another photo, Yovanna can be seen up close and personal with Justin as he holds her in a body hug and he has one arm around her lithe waist and the other on her leg.

Happy birthday!!

A photo posted by Yovanna Ventura (@yoventura) on

All we can say is a belated happy birthday to Justin Bieber, the man (he is not a boy anymore) who has so many beliebers throughout the world. He was also caught on film enjoying the event with a sparkler in his hand while at another time he was chug-a-lugging a bottle of champagne. 

The young adult sure knows how to have a good time. Justin is a real party animal and he knows it. Bieber’s papa was with him and he had a double chin as opposed to Justin who was slim and smart.

Look at pops double chin

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Of course, with age, one’s metabolic rate does tend to lessen and the fat accumulates around the body especially in the areas one least wants it to. Some of his pics in a shirtless state show his barely visible six pack clearly and Justin appears to be drop dead sexy.

He is also now at the age when he can legally drink alcohol. No wonder the French champagne came out and Justin had his mouth in a lip lock around it at the party.

There was one person who never attended the birthday party and that was Selena Gomez. She was not invited in the first place. Justin /4/have been trying to make her feel jealous but if that was his purpose he failed desperately.

Selena is with her boyfriend Zedd and the two couldn’t give two hoots about Justin and his wild gal pals. Selena is mighty glad to be over this bad boy and there ain’t no going back into his arms for her.  

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