Ace Computers coming to CES 2015

Ace Computers coming to CES 2015


Featuring ground breaking technology in Vegas

Ace Computers will be front and center at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas starting on January 6th. The big thing about Ace Computers being at CES 2015 is that they have announced that they will be introducing new technologies and hardware that will enhance the platforms of consumer workstations and will also introduce new security features. The company will have live demonstrations of these new products and they will also be taking orders for these new products right on the exhibition floor.

The CEO of Ace Computers in John Samborski and he says he is looking forward to being able to show off the new configurations and consumer technologies that his company will be featuring at CES 2015. Samborski says that Ace Computers will have a deep inventory of products to offer to consumers and they will be able to cover a vast part of the consumer electronics industry and feature most of the major computer companies and their operating systems as well.

Ace Computers has long been hailed as the leader of customized technology systems. They have commercial clients and residential clients alike. Ace Computers has worked with major companies right on down to small, one man startups. Ace Computers itself is a small owned business that is one of top women-only owned technology businesses in the world. Ace Computers have partnered with companies such as Intel and Samsung. They have also worked with some of the major United States universities and also have long running working relationships with the United States Government ie. the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy.

Ace Computers has a home base of Chicago, Illinois but also has facilities located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Colorado. Ace Computers has been in the customized and computer reselling industry for over 30 years; ever since 1983.

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