Technology and Fashion meld at CES 2015

Technology and Fashion meld at CES 2015

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FashionWare show part of Living in Digital Times exhibit

The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will have the FashionWare runway show at the WebMD Wellness Lounge and Studio on January 7th. FashionWare will be put on by Living in Digital Times at CES 2015 and will showcase the latest in digital technologies and smart clothing and the master of ceremonies and emcee of the event will be the one and only Nick Verreros from the hit show, Project Runway.

WebMD will also become part of the FashionWare show as they will be offering wellness information and also giving free massages during the festivities. After the conclusion of the FashionWare show, press individuals will be allowed to come backstage of the show and see firsthand some of the wearables and technologies that the models will be wearing during the show. Julie Sylvester, the person in charge of directing the runway show, says that CES 2015 will be a very prime location for the fashion industry and the smart technology industry to come together and also feature some ground breaking technologies.

FashionWare will be part of the Wearables Marketplace; one of 20 marketplaces that will be featured and a part of CES 2015. Some of the companies that will be showcasing wearables during the FashionWare show are FitLinxx, L’Oreal, Narrative, and Wearable Technologies, Ltd. to just name a few. Barnes and Noble will also be part of the exhibit as they will show their new capabilities of their Nook book where consumers will be to see and order wearables and other smart technologies such as watches and jewelry.

Robin Raskin, the founder of Living in Digital Times, says that ‘fashion will get a face lift’ during the FashionWare runway show. Raskin says that the fashion show will be able to show that wearable digital technologies can have the ability to become fashion statements all in themselves.

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