Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Recreate the Happy Gilmore Fight

Adam Sandler and Bob Barker recreate the Happy Gilmore Fight

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Adam Sandler met with Bob Barker after several years for Comedy Central “Night of too many Stars” doing an autism special and recreated their fight from Happy Gilmore, only better…

Bob Barker, 91, is in hospital recovering from a hip replacement surgery but that didn’t keep him from making an appearance on Comedy Central “Night of Too Many Stars” especially for Autism programs in US schools. Who would have been the best candidate to cheer Bob up?

His old nemesis from Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler. Adam who is currently 48 faced off with the then ‘Price is Right’ host and the two had a pretty rough showdown on a golf course.

This time though, Adam came in a mood to take care of the old ailing man in a hospital bed admitting it had been a long time since they had both talked, that would be after their golf course gringo. He said he still wasn’t sure but it was for the children in US schools. He then blew on Bob’s hot soup before feeding to him. 

Bob looked to be in a different mood when he started right off throwing insults at Adam. He started off with his weight. Said he looked chunkier than the soup he was feeding him. Adam looked initially disappointed as Bob went on to say that his weight was due to all the movies he had gone on to make without him.

He said that if he had known that that required tossing Adam’s salad he’d done it except Rob Schneider didn’t call him. Adam retorted by flipping on the TV saying he liked the new Price is Right host better. 

What ensued was a man-slapping bitch fest that included Bob and Adam pretty much beating each other clueless. It included hot soup, beating Bob in the nuts and with a prosthetic leg (the owner of which looked very disgruntled), dropping the entire filled urinal on Adam’s head and ended up with Adam and Bob, both being infected with Ebola as a nurse walked in with a trolley filled with vials. 

The 4 minutes segment ended with an award show where both actors are remembered in a memoriam and ironically, both are looking down on the show from heaven. Even there they still fight on who’s more popular while croc and Abraham Lincoln look on in dismay.

It was a reminder of something people had enjoyed so long ago and it was funny yet a little crude to watch especially the part where a healthy Adam beats Bob in a hospital robe. It was violent fun and the ratings and social media will determine whether the piece was accepted full heartedly by audience although it features the people’s favorite Adam Sandler.


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