Adam Sandler tops the Most Overpaid Actors List

Adam Sandler tops the Most Overpaid Actors List

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  • The Forbes magazine recorded the amount of money returned on each dollar they were paid.

Adam Sandler is the actor who has returned the least on his earnings from the movies. Sandra Bullock is the only actress on the Top Ten list.

Every year, the folks at Forbes sit down with their analytical minds to calculate each dollar returned by actors per each dollar they have been paid. This evaluation is paid on an average of the actor’s or actress’ previous three latest movies. 

The list is out and the actor topping the Forbes list of most overpaid actors is Adam Sandler. The comedian has been in a contract with Sony Pictures which showed typical outrage that an actor who is seriously overpaid is still working and being paid for the company.

The previous three movies only allowed Adam to pay about $3 for each dollar he received. Including Grown Ups 2, Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy, the movies didn’t do all that well on the box office making him a further failure box office wise.

The actor is not tensing up though. He just signed a contract with Netflix for five original feature movies. The network is more audience oriented and they will do well by hiring Adam for movies to be shown purely on the network.

Johnny Depp came in second with some not so successful movies on the box office followed by Ben Stiller whose The Secret Life of Walter Mitty did average on the box office. Ryan Reynolds and Tom Hanks followed them to make up the top 5.

The surprising actors on the list were Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock. Bullock, who also happened to be the only actress on the list paid $9 dollars per her every dollar but she happened to have been counted on the same agenda as Tatum.

Both the actors earned more on the back hand deals rather than upfront payments and while the evaluation process only accounted for what they got and what they returned not how they got it and returned it. Bullock and Tatum are definitely more beneficial in terms of payments. 

See the complete list of top 10 most overpaid actors below.

  1. Adam Sandler: Returns $3.20 for every $1 paid
  2. Johnny Depp: Returns $4.10 for every $1 paid
  3. Ben Stiller: Returns $4.80 for every $1 paid.
  4. Ryan Reynolds: Returns $4.90 for every $1 paid
  5. Tom Hanks: Returns $5.20 for every $1 paid
  6. Will Ferrell : Returns $6.60 for every $1 paid
  7. Channing Tatum: Returns $6.70 for every $1 paid
  8. Denzel Washington: Returns $6.90 for every $1 paid
  9. Sandra Bullock: Returns $9 for every $1 paid
  10. Ben Affleck: Returns $9.37 for every $1 paid

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