Affordable Care Act is Not Obamacare

Affordable Care Act is Not Obamacare

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US gvernment’s rep. Nancy Pelosi clearifies that Affordable Care Act is not Obamacare. And she called Affordable Care Act is a winner. But the goverment’s star program is facing hurdles in its way. The issue of free contraceptives for women is being objected to by certain religious corporate families.

United states new health care law is under objection. The enrollment deadline for the Affordable Care Act is set to be March 31st. But this Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, has been the subject of debate recently. And rep. Nancy Pelosi clrealy states in a press conference that Affordable Care Act is a winner program. She also clearifies that this new health care program is called Affordable Care Act, not Obamacare.

Several religious elements that control various corporations have refused to hand out free contraceptives to women. The reason is that they believe that the act violates their firm convictions regarding pregnancy and human life in the womb. The matter is to be settled in court. 

Hobby Lobby is a case in point. The business family that owns the large chain of stores consists of Evangelical Christians. They hold very fundamental and somewhat rigid views on how women ought to behave like in society. 

The free distribution of post-pregnancy prophylactic kits is something which they look down upon. Another company is owned by Mennonites. They too subscribe to rather firm religious principles. And thus we have a situation where Obama’s efforts seem to have come up against a solid wall. 

Obamacare did provide relief for churches and non-profit religious groups. Thus they were exempt from the free provision of any products they deem against their convictions. But for-profit organizations came within the rubric of the ACA. 

According to CSM, the court said, “Not all burdens on religion are unconstitutional. When followers of a particular sect enter into commercial activity as a matter of choice, the limits they accept on their own conduct as a matter of conscience and faith are not to be superimposed on the statutory schemes which are binding on others in that activity.”

The court case will settle once and for all the power of religion in contemporary American life. In the United States there is freedom of religion. And while this /4/mean freedom from religion for some radical liberals and atheists, it also means freedom to practice your religion. 

Nobody has a right to disturb someone who is peacefully praying or simply carrying out the tenets of his or her faith. But this freedom ends the moment someone tries to impose their version of events on another. The freedom is forfeited when one man’s nose enters the territory of another man’s nose. 

“When the government uses substantial pressure to coerce a family business to act contrary to its owners’ religious beliefs, it burdens the free exercise of religion regardless of the business’ corporate form,” David Cortman, a lawyer with Alliance Defending Freedom, writes in his brief on behalf of the owners of Conestoga Wood.


So those defending Obamacare will have to tread a fine line before the law. Whether the decision is in favor of or against the religious conservative section of society will determine the future discourse on state, law and matters of personal faith in an otherwise secular society.   

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