AirDog Flying Camera Follows Your Every Move at CES 2015

AirDog Flying Camera Follows Your Every Move at CES 2015

  • AirDog is The World’s First Auto-follow Drone equipped with GoPro Camera
  • Designed for Sports Lovers, Outdoor Fans and Indie Moviemakers


AirDog is perhaps the best drone present at CES 2015. It has an auto-follow feature with which this GoPro Camera equipped drone follows your every moew.

What is AirDog? It is the newest and latest technology that can be found at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES 2015) in Las Vegas. As its namesake the AirDog is a loyal companion for video makers and outdoor sports aficionados.

The AirDog will follow you where ever you go no complaints, no problems, you just have to lead the way and it will come and record everything you do, no matter how intense it /4/be. It’s as simple as that. 

With this in mind, one might ask what exactly the AirDog is and what makes it so unique and such a high profile item at CES 2015. Here in lies the beauty of the AirDog its simplicity and the ease by which it can be used by everyone and the reason why it’s one of the outstanding inventions at CES 2015.

AirDog is basically a drone, a quadcopter that is small, and collapsible for easy transport. What makes it special and the reason it stands out at CES 2015, is the AirDogs ingenious design, it’s automatic. It will follow the user where ever they go, it tracks the user and follows just like a loyal dog would, hence the name AirDog.

After all, at CES 2015 there are a number of drones, who do the same thing, they record and follow so what is it the makes the AirDog stand out among all these other drones at CES 2015?

In order to follow the user with precision and ease the AirDog is connected to the user with the AirLeash system. The AirLeash is worn by the user, it’s easy to use, lightweight, and waterproof.

The AirDog uses the AirLeash to help track the person who the video should be centered on. It is this feature that makes the AirDog standout at CES 2015. One of the other amazing features on the AirDog is the camera it has a gimbal that is stabilized with a gyroscope to ensure you do not have any shaky footage and that the camera is always on the user. These are the features that make it unique and the reason why it stands out at CES 2015.

These are not the only features that made AirDog auto-follow drone for GoPro Camera stand out at CES 2015, this particular drone not only follows you but will land and take off automatically too. It has been programmed with different “profiles” depending on what sport is being played. It is features like these that has set the AirDog apart at CES 2015.

CES 2015 has even taken the opportunity to try out the AirDog and there is no doubt it lives up to what it promises and more.  The AirDog drone is the future, it shows ingenuity and craftsmanship with the momentum it has, it can be a leader in drone technology and advancements. 

Airdog started its Kickstarter campaign last year in June. AirDog collected $1.3 million in funding and the comoany is about to start shipping out the drone to backers. This flying camera will also go on sale later this year.

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CES 2015 is a place where you can see leading inventions in technology, for any invention to stand out it must truly be in a league of its own and that’s exactly what the AirDog  is,  in a league of its own. 

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