TempTraq and Vigilant LilyPad are the Best Health Gadgets unveiled for Kids at CES 2015

TempTraq and Vigilant LilyPad are the Best Health Gadgets unveiled for Kids at CES 2015

These new smart home technologies will give parents a better way to take care of their children.

Blue Spark Technologies has introduced its new gadget the TempTraq at the International CES 2015. This is a wearable Bluetooth thermometer which basically pairs with a companion app to give live updates and alerts on body temperature.

The company states that this new thermometer is great for parents who want to measure their child’s temperature without disturbing others as the data can be viewed and shared in real time.

The TempTraq has been equipped with a patented flexible battery and is capable of measuring temperatures between 86.0 F and 108.3 F. This then provides the users with both real time and historical data in graphical or tabular view. 

John Gannon the president and CEO of Blue Spark Technologies stated that the new gadget TempTraq will allow the parents to keep a close watch on their child’s temperature without having to continually disturb them. John stated that the company’s wireless wearable thermometer will give parents peace of mind and the children will be provided rest that they need to get better.  

Moreover the company also claims that this new thermometer is accurate for temperatures that range between 86.0 F and 108.3 F. Plus this new gadget by Blue Spark Technologies has been equipped with a simplified temperature reading process and an iOS TempTarq app.

This provides an easy to follow colors that indicate temperature levels. These include Green which is for less than 100.4 F, then there is orange which is for equal to or greater than 100.4 F and then there is red which is equal to or above the user set temperature level. If a child or an adult goes into the red zone an alert is sent to the one monitoring the device.

Apart from this thermometer Vigilant has also come up with a new kind of thermometer LilyPad Wi-Fi pool thermometer and UV sensor which the company displayed at the CES 2015 today in Las Vegas.

There is an accompanying app as well which has been made available for Android and iOS to check the temperature of one’s pool. Plus the device has also been equipped with a UV sensor which basically makes this thermometer so different from the others.

These days a lot of people are worried and scared of skin cancer, especially when they are enjoying by the pool. If you are not aware water reflects 100 percent of UV rays which makes it as dangerous and damaging as the direct sunlight.

This UV sensor in the LilyPad gives the users an idea about how much exposure they are getting. The company has also introduced many other connected devices such as the new smart food analyzer which has been named Poppy.

The International CES 2015 started in Las Vegas on January 6th and it will end on 9th January. It means, today is the last of this biggest Consumer Electronics Show 2015. Do not miss this show and get knowledge of all the latest and futuristic products by reading our extensive CES 2015 coverage.

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