Al Roker attempts to break the World Record of Longest Weather Report with Rockerthon

Al Roker attempts to break the World Record of Longest Weather Report with Rockerthon

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Al Roker will be attempting a world record of the longest weather report on TV. And he called this weather report “Rockerthon”.

Al Roker is a famous weather analyst. He will be doing a special weather report that will be aimed to break the world record of longest weather report ever. This record was previously made by another weather analyst El Kari.

He did a continuous weather news broadcast for 33-hours. Al Roker is trying to break this record by doing the uninterrupted weather report of 34-hours. His weather transmission will be live and will be aired uninterrupted.

This transmission was supposed to start from Wednesday after 10 p.m. ET and will end on Friday at 8 a.m. Its video is live streamed curently on NBC channel’s website. NBC channel is also showing live parts of this record every hour during news. 

This attempt will be made to register this record in Guinness World Book. The Guinness organization will be celebrating the Guinness World Records day on 13th November. This record will be the part of the celebrations.  

He has also named this transmission as “Rokerthon”. He is doing this report not only for breaking the record but also for helping others. He has asked people to join hands by donating for U.S armed forces. The money collected form Rokerthon will be given for the benefit of USO and US armed forces. This money will support and help numerous country men. 

While Al Roker is trying to bag the record in his pocket. He will need to work through some simple rules. Al Roker will have to broadcast the news without any break. He will have to talk about weather and nothing else on this Rokerthon. He would not be allowed to talk about anything else even in breaks.

He would be allowed to talk about old weather reports and upcoming reports too. He will also be allowed to have a break of five minutes after every hour. If he will not take a break after an hour then his minutes will be accumulated.

Later on he will be allowed to take a break of 20 minutes with those accumulated minutes. He will also have to work with two independent witnesses. The witnesses will have to be around Al Roker for all the time. 

He will also be interacting with people from all over the world. People are invited to share statuses and post tweets on Al Roker’s account to let him know about different updates. The recent tweets show that hundreds of people are supporting Roker in his attempt. There have been numerous tweets that were posted by users and fans talking about the weather of their local places.

He is working hard and his Rokerthon has started as well. Al Roker is looking promising up till now. He has been updating his viewers about the weather reports constantly and hasn’t taken any break yet. Let’s see if he will be successful in breaking this record or not. 

Source: NBC , WFLA

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