Alicia Keys To Raise Feminist Slogan With “Girl On Fire”

Alicia Keys to Raise Feminist Slogan with “Girl on Fire”

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The famed songstress, Alicia Keys is to raise the feminist slogan with her next album “Girl on Fire”.

Alicia Keys is fairly into the creative process that will result in her next album “Girl on Fire”. And it is going to revolve around females and the feminine condition they find themselves in. 

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She wants to empower females around the world and inspire them to fight for their basic rights via her music. It is her lyrics that are the real crux of the next album instead of just the musical tunes.

Alicia Keys feels that the message she wants to send out to the females of the world is clear and simple. They ought to just snatch the rights that they have and not listen to secondary voices that speak to them in order to silence their egos. 

“Girl on Fire” is slated to launch next year. The singer spoke of how the album would address the harrowing conditions through which most females were going through at the present time of crisis and trouble. 

“This time it’s more about what we’re going through as human beings,” Alicia Keys told Women’s Wear Daily (via Radio). “We all experience similar things. I find that the world puts us in these boxes where we’re only allowed to be one way — like, ‘to succeed as a career woman, you need to do it this way,’ or ‘to be a gay man, you have to be this way.’” 

Alicia explained that in order to succeed in life you had to have free choices before you. But the sad thing was that women were allowed very limited roles. They could either be a career woman or a housewife. 

There was hardly a third way out of this twin set that had been imposed on them. This pigeonholing of females was the worst sort of injustice that was being perpetrated on half the human race. 

One of the song numbers has a dangerous and odd title to it. It is called “Killing your Mother” and while it is only a metaphorical twist on certain issues that every young female faces, maybe Alicia goes a little too far for the censor boards of the world here.

Nevertheless, she said that it was all about the holistic value of the album she was about to come out with. She loved the idea of record companies backing the really popular records and songs, but sometimes you had to concentrate on content and an important message rather than just empty fluff and feathers.

“Obviously record companies need to go where the business is, so we started making singles,” she said. “Which is cool, but there’s something so amazing about an entire body of work, a collective view, that sense that all of this music came from one artist.”

After all, as a singer with a soul, Alicia had to get her ideas out to her audience. And she also talked about her Givenchy campaign that will start in September.

“I would like to see different representations of what beauty is. I’d like to see women with a little more voluptuousness. There’s no way in the world that we’re all a size 2, and people beat themselves up if they’re not small enough or light enough or dark enough or skinny enough,” she said. 

“Also, I don’t think we’ve all been encouraged, as women, to really speak out. If we’re really opinionated, or very knowledgeable or very wise, suddenly it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s b—-y, she thinks she knows it all.’”


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