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Have you seen the new Amazon web site?

I just visited and a new homepage design greeted me. Have you seen it too? It looks very good at first glance. I just do not know why I get exposed to Party-Ready Handbags. Some things just do not change with Amazon.

The new Amazon homepage has big sliding graphics on top and an overall cleaner look. Pricing information appears on roll-over, which is actually not that great as you cannot compare the prices of multiple items at once.

The top menu bar is bigger now and has a dark blue background. This is the only change you see in the design on product pages. Everything else there stays the same.

It is not clear yet if this is just a test of the new layout or a permanent change that will be rolled out to all Amazon users.

Visit maybe you also see already the new site design.

It is actually quite bold to change a site just before the big Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales start. Users do not like change and need a while to adapt.

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