Amazon Fire Phone 2 to be launched in 2016

Amazon Fire Phone 2 to be launched in 2016


An Amazon Fire Phone 2 has appeared on the horizon but it is still way off in the future.

All the signs are there alright. A second version of the Amazon Fire Phone lies in the days ahead. But it won’t come as early as next year. The original model was a flop and a failure so it is being hoped that Amazon will exceed itself in this second venture.

In fact, the year when this second successful Amazon Fire Phone device will be released is slated to be 2016. But that is a long way off. The plans are in the pipeline but due to the downturn of the first version, things have been put on hold. It is back to basics for Amazon for now.

What the Amazonians including Jeff Bezos are trying to figure out is what to include and exclude in order to make the new model a workable deal. All this comes as not the least bit odd.

Amazon has a few cards up its sleeve which it will reveal at the right moment in time. Jeff Bezos is 100% behind the venture. It is indeed time for a little reinvention and revolution at Amazon. 

At least $170 million in unpurchased inventory took place in case of the first Fire Phone. Soon the phone was a dirtcheap device. This pinched Amazon hard.

And while Amazon’s Kindle tablets were a huge success, the Fire Phone seems to have faltered and its profitability had gotten caught in unnecessary complications. With the Fire Phone 2, Amazon wants to recapture the lost mobile market.

If there is one thing for which Jeff Bezos deserves an A+ it is effort. He does not give up that easily. Things are looking up for his huge delivery company. The price which was sky high in the beginning is being recalibrated for the second version.

Amazon is never going to repeat the mistakes of the past. It has learnt its lessons the hard way and so the future is an open vista for now. Hope after all springs eternal in the human breast.

The changes and reinterpretations in microtechnology that will take place thanks to Amazon’s bitter first attempt will surely lead to a superlative design in the case of the Fire Phone 2. What was a paradise lost in the first endurance test for Amazon will God willing be a paradise regained with the Fire Phone 2.      

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