Amazon Kindle Voyage Rethinks the Reading Experience

Amazon Kindle Voyage Rethinks the Reading Experience


The new Kindle Voyage will mimic the actual feeling of turning the pages of a real book.

The annual cycle of product launches wouldn’t be complete without Amazon. After touting the Amazon Fire phone which, unfortunately, flopped under the shadows of the Android giants, Amazon is now firing back with its new Kindle e-reader.

Amazon is known for its e-readers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this one will sell well. It’s called the Kindle Voyage, Amazon’s thinnest and lightest Kindle. The Voyage is also the brightest Kindle, thanks to its high resolution and over-the-top contrast display.

Design-wise, the Kindle Voyage features a new design. There’s a glass on the front and the back is made of magnesium. Remember Amazon’s Paperwhite display technology? Well, the Voyage has the latest version, with over 300 pixels per inch.

The Voyage is also the first Amazon e-reader to feature PagePress which offers a new way to turn pages. A force sensor is installed under the bezel. So, when you turn the page of a Kindle eBook, PagePress will slightly vibrate to mimic the feeling of scanning a real book. Impressive, right? You /4/also adjust the sensitivity.

As for the technical details, you’ll get a 6-inch display, 4GB of storage, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. If you’re a fan of Amazon’s services and an avid book reader as well, then you might want to pre-order now. It is priced at $199, and there’s an option to purchase an origami-style cover for $44.99.  

Pre-order Page: Amazon

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