Amazon Robotics at Nexus of its Cyber Monday Dealings

Amazon Robotics at Nexus of its Cyber Monday Dealings

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Amazon robotics are at the nexus of its Cyber Monday dealings.

Many children /4/think Santa Claus has his home somewhere on the North Pole, but in fact his gifts for the kids at Yuletide probably get packaged and sent from a warehouse in California. Amazon’s large warehouse situated there is more harder to fathom than Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer though. 

It is a marvel of engineering. Two years back Amazon shelled out $775 million to become the rightful owning entity of Kiva Systems. This was a Massachussetts-based company that used robots in its most intricate details and operations. Since the past two years or so, Amazon kept mum about how it was employing the androids of Kiva. 

But today it has opened its doors to public viewership and the scenario of robots being used in every form of action can be seen in all its marvelous brilliance. Amazon is definitely at the leading edge in terms of business enterprise. 

The whole process has been made much faster and deliveries and efficiency have been streamlined tenfold times. The Kiva robots are the best in the world and they perform their duties without any blockage of any sort. It is indeed smooth sailing all the way. 

Amazon calls its warehouses fulfillment centers. And the atmosphere of these production factories is simply amazing to look at in all its wondrous magnificence. There are trolleys that move by themselves and sliding belts that convey stuff from one place to another. 

Labeling machines exist too which slap stickers onto packages. There is a lot of noise that is generated as a result of the constant activity though. And then there are  pockets of peace and quiet in between the flurry of super-hurry. There are 320 pound robots and then there are those that weigh double that amount. 

The human workers that are present on the scene just sort of guide the operations and are there to supervise and oversee the process of production. Ten thousand items from coffee mugs to rare books to colorful crayons are arranged in stacks, racks and bins in the warehouse. 

Each item is conveyed to its rightful place and packaged and labelled. It is a complex and intricate process that is not as easy as it looks. Amazon has gained the edge by employing robots instead of human beings. For one thing they are more efficacious and then they don’t show any slacker behavior and do what they are supposed to do without any ado. 

The movement of millions of orders takes place in a flowing manner and everything is wrapped up by the end of a shift. And all of this is thanks to the cutting edge field of robotics. Cyber Monday wouldn’t be the same without Amazon’s little helpers.  

Source: Wired

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