Amazon to Launch a Travelling Site with Hotel Booking Service Next Year

Amazon to Launch a Travelling Site with Hotel Booking Service Next Year

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Famous Amazon franchise is getting into hotel booking business by launching a travelling website.

Amazon is famous all around the world for providing all the essentials to people while sitting at home. Amazon is planning on to bring out a new business in the market.

The amazon is going to start a hotel booking business. For that purpose they will be launching a travel site for the users. This proposed site will have all the equipment required to have the traveling site running.

This traveling site will feature different hotels and resorts in the major cities all around the world. Along with that it would provide different travelling deals to the people living in these areas.

The initial launch of this website will contain the information and booking for the big cities like New York and Seattle in US. This facility will start from January 1, 2015 when this website will go live.

Three of the major hotels in these big cities have signed contracts with Amazon. According to these contracts, interested candidates will be able to book their hotel rooms on Amazon in easy steps.

The hustle of going to the hotel for booking will be minimized. These hotels will update the room information’s regularly on the website.

This website will be equipped with pictures and information regarding every room available. These hotels will pay around 15% commission to Amazon for initial bookings and advanced bookings.

The Amazon will be able to update their status on bookings through the help of email. The availability of hotel rooms will be announced via e mail as well. The Amazon has been running a great business from the past many years.

Experts believe that Amazon will be successful in making an effective attempt in this business too. The hotels that would attach themselves with Amazon will certainly have much more chances of getting their rooms booked than others.

There are some hotels that have not yet signed many contracts with Amazon but the officials say that they are considering heavily for this kind of deal. As this kind of participation will bring loads of profit to different hotels.

The Amazon officials shared that Amazon will be selecting only four star and above hotels to go with the deals. The hotels chosen at first to participate in Amazons business will be the ones that will be most recommended by hotel industry.

This travelling website will also present adequate information about the chosen area of the potential customer. The customers will be able to get information about the different destinations near their chosen hotels.

Along with that much information about all kinds of tourist attractions will also be available on this website. As Amazon is trusted and liked by a great number of customers online so it is said that this would be an excellent opportunity for people as well. The trust that Amazon had gained in so many years will be a powerful tool to bring people together to use this service.

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