Amazon will Welcome Returned Items via Locker System

Amazon will Welcome Returned Items via Locker System


The giant retail company Amazon will welcome returned items via its locker system. This /4/save many people any embarrassment over sending back objects they ordered while drunk.

Over one third of the deliveries that go to recipients from Amazon are sent back. That is why an easier and more anonymous method of quietly returning items without any hassle has been discovered. 

Amzon now allow customer to return a Package at an Amazon Locker. “Certain return packages are eligible to be dropped off at an Amazon Locker. If this option is available, it will appear in our Online Returns Center when you go to return the item. If you select this option, you will be shown a map and have the opportunity to select a nearby Locker location,” states Amazon.

Amazon has installed various lockers at different points such as stores and garages. This is to cut the costs of reshipment back to the sender. E-commerce stores have faced the problem of orders that are not accepted by the receiving parties. 

So now this method has been devised and it works just fine. The wrapping and conveyance costs have literally broken Amazon’s economic backbone. That is why the construction of warehouses took place in such a haphazard manner. The fixtures are a boon for those who /4/have ordered some stupid item in a drunken fit. 

Acoording to WSJ, “The service will help address a problem that has plagued Amazon and other e-commerce retailers. As much as a third of all online purchases are eventually returned, by some estimates, making it costly for merchants that in some cases pay for shipping in both directions.”

Many times it also happens that people don’t want the objects of desire they have ordered to arrive at their residential or office addresses. Whatever the reason behind this motive, Amazon respects its customers’ confidentiality and wants them to feel comfortable with their private decisions no matter what. 

A special code number is sent to the receivers which they can punch in on the locker screen and thereby gain entry to the compartment. The service is an additional feature that Amazon has provided for its consumers and it isn’t going to end soon. 

The fact that many individuals /4/make rash choices and order something like a dough-maker or a strawberry-masher only speaks volumes about the stupidity and irrationality of the human race. But that is precisely the point of Amazon’s lockers. 

They allow for gaffes and blunders to be covered in a smooth and easy manner. There will be no more shamefaced husbands displaying the collection of Jenna Jameson pictures they ordered while under the influence of Jack Daniels.

Amazon described following steps “to return a package at an Amazon Locker:

  1. Visit the Online Returns Center to submit a return request.
  2. After you submit your return request in the Online Return Center, you will receive a Locker drop off code via e-mail. Take the unique code to your locker location.
  3. Enter your code into the touch screen display and follow the instructions on the screen.


  • Please drop off your return within one business day. We’re unable to guarantee a Locker will be available for the return after that time. If a Locker isn’t available, you can request a new Locker reservation or different return shipping option through our Online Returns Center. You can also apply postage to the original label and drop it off at one of the carrier’s locations.
  • Securely package and label your return. Your package should be smaller than 12x12x12 inches so that it fits in the Locker.
  • isn’t responsible for any personal items or items not related to the return left in the Amazon Locker.”

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