Amazon WorkMail is its own AWS Cloud Based Email Service

Amazon WorkMail is its own AWS Cloud Based Email Service


Jeff Barr inaugurated ‘Amazon WorkMail’ a feature for managing user emails with added security incorporating Mac and PC compatibility.

Today on Amazon Web Services Jeff Barr announced the introduction of the ‘Amazon WorkMail’. Amazon WorkMail is a newly released feature for managing the client’s emails. WorkMail is operational in the Cloud and consists of a wide variety of features. A significant of the feature offers a specific security control in collaboration with existing mobile and desktop clients. 

WorkMail has a number of features that users can take advantage of in order to manage their emails. WorkMail assists in setting up a directory for users by employing the Directory Service. WorkMail can also facilitate users with an already established directory the AWS Directory Service.

Users can easily forward and collect emails through their already established Domains by simply adding a TXT and MX record. The TXT record submission is necessary to verify ownership and the MX record is vital for routing all the mail to WorkMail. The usual email features such as calendaring and sharing, contact lists, tasks, resource booking, distribution lists, OOF messages and public folders are all a part of WorkMail. 

The plus side of using WorkMail is its design which was constructed to work with existing Mac and PC based Outlook clients. The WorkMail design also works in collaboration with Mobile clients articulate in the Exchange Active Sync Protocol. Another positive point of WorkMail is its compatibility with a wide variety of Browsers.

The compatibility is the result of WorkMail’s full array of features in its browser based interface. The browsers companionable with WorkMail are Chrome, Safari, Firefox and the latest version of Internet Explorer. The interface provides the user access to contacts, email, calendars and tasks. 

WokkMail was designed to handle copious amounts of data in a severe email atmosphere. The memory storage for email in Workplace is quite substantial. Each message in the WorkMail can be up to 30 MB and the inbox can support up to 50 GB of messages along with its attachments to facilitate users. 

The 5 major security controls and features of the WorkMail mentioned are Location Control, S/MIME, Stored Data Encryption, Message Scanning and Mobile Device Policies and Actions. All sorts of data and mails are stored in the selected AWS region.

The stored data is not transferred to any other region but remains intact. In Transit data from Outlook and some iPhone and iPad apps is encrypted using the S/MIME and for other clients the SSL is used for encryption purposes.

KMS manages data at rest that was encrypted by keys. Standard scanning of messages also takes place to avoid viruses and spam. WorkMail requires encryptions and passwords on mobile devices for proper functionality and management. 

A 30 day trial of WorkMail has only been offered for preliminary evaluations. Firstly during the trial run WorkMail will only be accessible to certain parts of the world such as Northern Virginia, US and in Ireland. Expansion to other regions will occur with time.

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