Amazon’s New Kindle Now Finally Features a Touch Interface

Amazon's New Kindle Now Finally Features a Touch Interface


The new Kindle e-reader is now faster. Even better, you can now use your gentle hands to flip through the pages of your favorite novel.

We expect new iterations of a product to be better. Amazon’s latest Kindle e-reader is a perfect example of that. Announced today at a small event here in New York, the new Kindle is 20 percent faster and has twice the storage. That’s definitely good news, especially when you have lots of books to read.

But perhaps the main selling point of the new Kindle is its touch interface. For the first time, Amazon’s popular e-reader can now feel your touch. Swipe here and there. Tap this and that. Isn’t that great? In addition, the new Kindle has a 6-inch display (overall size is 6.7-inches), 4GB of storage, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Priced at just $79, it’s a good deal. Of course, you have to buy books from the Kindle store to really enjoy the e-reader. And, if you’ll pre-order now, Amazon might use its drones to deliver it to your doorstep. Oh, I forgot, Amazon still needs the full approval of the FAA. What a bummer. 

Pre-order now at Amazon.


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