Amazon’s Phone with 4.7-inch screen spotted

Amazon's Phone with 4.7-inch screen spotted

Photo Credits: BGR

It appears that the phone will contain a 4.7 inch display coupled with 6 cameras.

It has been long known that Amazon was close to launching its new phone, given the many rumors and news updates in the tech world. With its picture revealed, the phone does not include an impressive design, as that’s just an enclosure around the phone so the actual design /4/be kept secret.

However, the uplifting news is that the phone contains many unique features such five cameras in front and the sixth on at the rear. Similarly, there seems a trio of buttons along the left side of the phone featuring volume and power button. The screen is supposedly of the 4.7-inch assortment – which lines up with past rumors and puts Amazon’s first telephone on the same scale as Motorola’s Moto X.

The cameras seem to be breaking the convention simply by virtue of their ‘number’. The back one is a standard telephone camera for taking photographs, and evidently one of the five on the front is additionally simply a standard camera. The four other face cameras, however, are clearly for something particularly novel: the telephone’s 3D interface. Each one of those cameras purportedly empowers the phone to track the position of your head and where you’re looking, along these lines empowering without glasses 3D from any point. BGR says the four face cams are low-power infrared sensors.

The phone will come with 2 GB of RAM and an anonymous Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, obviously. As opposed to going 1080p, the handset is likewise said to push 720p (like the Moto X). According to the reports a more affordable version will also hit the market later this year.

Source: BGR

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