AMC Theaters and MoviePass collaborate to deliver New Subscription Movie Service

AMC Theaters and MoviePass collaborate to deliver New Subscription Service



AMC Theaters and MoviePass have collaborated to deliver a new subscription service for the common people.

AMC Theaters are a pioneer in creative experience making for the masses. The portrayal of interesting content via the silver screen is what AMC excels in. It is about to join hands with MoviePass to bring its guests a new service in the form of a subscription package.

This new package of course comes courtesy of MoviePass. The current cities this amenity is planned to arrive in are Denver and  Boston. Maybe later on further places will be added to the list. MoviePass Premium is expected to begin its debut some time next year.

Both cities will feature the subscription service which will hopefully revolutionize their entertainment agenda. The facility is based on a first come, first served program. It wil forever change the way we see or deal with entertainment and entertaining.

The entertainment industry can take the load and continue to expand way beyond the ordinary elastic limit it already possesses. The future is set to be a time of brand new vistas.  

AMC guests have a choice. They /4/if they want opt for the MoviePass Premium Package which allows them to go directly to the site and sign up. Then they can download the app. A movie per day at $45 per month is not a bad deal whichever way you look at it.

In the 2D format they /4/also see the same movie per day at only $35 per monthly basis. Now that is an offer you cannot refuse. This service will appeal to the young adults among us and for obvious reasons.

The goal of this service is to provide some quality movies for the ordinary people day after day and month after month. Members /4/even exchange their membership cards whenever they like at the theater.

The ease with which movie tickets can be purchased is another plus point of this new boon. AMC and MoviePass are both big shot organizations in their own right. They have withstood the test of time and are the best as far as satisfying vital entertainment needs is concerned.

Now a whole generation of movie buffs can watch and view their favorite mass hypnosis mystery plays (that is what the movies are in today’s modern world even though we don’t realize it). And all it will take is a simple subscription and nominal payment. 

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