American Sniper is the Box Office Winner despite Michael Moore Diss

American Sniper is the Box Office Winner despite Michael Moore Diss

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  • American Sniper rocks Box-Office.

American Sniper sets box office records for January. But Michael Moore liked Selma and asked everybody to watch it. And he also said that snipers are cowards.

American Sniper directed by Clint Eastwood has blown the box office away. A movie that is not the typical war day film, Eastwood has out done himself and the numbers at the box office show it. 

American Sniper earned double what it was expected to make raking in an estimated cool $90.2 million over the Martin Luther King Jr long weekend debut with a projection of $105.2 million, breaking all time box office records for the month of January. It now leads over movies such as ‘The Passion of the Christ’ and ‘The Matrix: Reloaded’ which made $83.8 million and $91.8 million respectively. 

Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle in the movie American Sniper, has done a superb job landing him nominations for an Oscar and Academy award nomination. American Sniper is based on the real life story Chris Kyle a former Navy Seal and credited as being the deadliest sniper in the United States military history, was killed by a former soldier with PTSD, who Kyle was mentoring, in 2013,  after his return from Iraq.

The movie is set and shows Kyle’s time during the war in Iraq. Surprisingly Eastwood didn’t receive any nominations for best Director for American Sniper. The movie however has received six Oscar nominations, they include best picture and actor. Academy voters have also nominated American Sniper for best picture, best actor and best adapted Screening. 

American sniper has been a huge success at the box office, with its fame only growing daily. A movie that is appealing to all audiences, whether they are politically conservative moviegoers or art house. It is drawing everyone in. 

Yet not everyone has warmed up to the American Sniper. Michael Moore, former AMPAS Governor and the director of Fahrenheit 9/11, the highest grossing documentary that has ever been made, lashed out at the movie American Sniper and its main character Kyle, on tweeter.   

Michael Moore tweeted on Sunday that his uncle was killed by a sniper in WW2. And he also said that snipers are cowards and invaders are worse. See his tweets below.

Michael Moore has targeted American Sniper and it is very clear from his above comments that he has no love for the American Sniper movie or the Kyle. Many have retaliated to Moore’s tweets on Sunday, they have in return lashed out at Moore.

Standing in favor for American Sniper and expressing how a sniper is not a coward. Many people also believe it was wrong of Michael Moore to attach the life of a Navy Seal who has fought for his country. 

Instead Michael Moore is supporting another best picture Oscar nominee Selma as being the best picture and called it a ‘brilliant piece of filmmaking’. 

There are numerous sentiments being felt, for both movies. The public has spoken and the box office numbers are proof, American Sniper is a hit, it is drawing in crowds from around the country. American Sniper has already broken the month of January’s record and chances are it might break more. 

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