Anderson Silver Tells Nick Diaz to watch His Tongue

Anderson Silver Tells Nick Diaz to watch His Tongue

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Anderson Silver Tells Nick Diaz to watch His Tongue

The fight between Anderson Silver and Nick Diaz has been confirmed. The match between the two will take place at the beginning of 2015. Problem is that Nick has been hurling insults at Silva instead of preparing for the most awaited match. On the other hand, Silva has been nursing an injury he suffered during his clash with Chris Weidman.

According to MMAFighting, Diaz assigned himself the role of Silva’s adviser and told him to look for another coach who would train him how to throw punches at his opponents instead of using kicks. Diaz stated that Silva would not be nursing a broken limb if he had stuck to punching.

Diaz further added that Silva did not utilize the opportunities that he had during the match. Diaz is actually used to insulting his potential opponents. Woe unto you if you are fixed into a match with Diaz.

The fighter is fond of taking his battles outside the ring. He actually did the same thing before his fight with Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158. Perhaps he uses this approach to intimidate his opponents. Diaz maintained that he meant every word he said because he has nothing against his opponent.

Despite the insults, Silva has been defended by his loyal coach, Luis Dorea. Luis agreed that Silva did not perform as expected and that the injury was in deed his fault. Dorea argued that Diaz has a high tolerance but he is not anywhere close to beating the competence of Silva due to his experience in the game.

Dorea was speaking  at Silva’s press briefing that took place during UFC 183 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. During the briefing, Silva was asked how he would handle Diaz’s utterances before their clash.

The former champion clearly stated that he is a very humble individual despite being involved in a sport that does not harbor politeness. He pointed out that he is not different from other people and so Diaz should take caution when insulting him because he is capable of anything when the wrong buttons are pressed.

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