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Highest Paid Compadre on the Acting Scene in the World!

Robert Downey Jr.  The Face behind the Iron Man Series…

A Man who overcame his Drug Problems and currently Rules the Hollywood Roost! 

Real & Full Name

Robert John Downey Jr. (His dad, who introduced him to the many joys and sorrows of drug addiction, was named Robert Downey Sr.)  


April 4th, 1965 (He is a member of a generation when the whole world was watching a revolution in rising expectations take place in the Western World. Beyond that the post-European age came into being with such experiences as Pomo, human rights and the scourge of terrorism arising as a spontaneous result of the discontents of high civilization.) 


Manhattan, New York (that almost reminds one of a novel by a famous writer titled “I’ll Take Manhattan.” Robert Downey Jr. too would later on take on not only his home city but the United States and in fact the Global Village as his claims to fame spread far and wide.) 

Career of this Cool Cat

Actor, Movie Maker and Songster with a Smooth Voice (his movies have grossed the highest possible rates at the box office and he has also worked on an album not to mention many songs.)  

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The arc reactor is running a bit dim #rdj

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A Few Facts at a Glance…

His father was his first introduction to the crazy world of drugs including marijuana, cocaine and heroin. Till this day, Robert says that his father had no other way of bonding with his son so he just set about lending him some of the same hard drugs that he smoked or snorted on a regular basis. Robert had serious issues with his father which he later on channeled into his work on the big screen. Robert Duvall played his father on The Judge and the two are shown facing a classic Oedipus complex. 

Robert Downey’s son was caught in possession of cocaine while speeding in his car a few months ago. Though pops has been there and done that, it looks like his son still has to go through the sowing of his wild oats as far as drugs are concerned. Robert later on said that the genetic transmission of traits /4/have occurred in his son’s case. He is to put his son in rehab soon to rid him of the bad habit.  

There was a period when Robert became so negligent of himself that he ended up serving a lengthy prison sentence. The constant run-ins with the law got him in plenty of trouble from which he almost never emerged intact. It cost him a marriage or two and the possession of his son. And the fact that he ventured from the luxury of being a star on set to solitary confinement in a penitentiary made him realize that he had to pull himself up by his bootstraps and overcome his addiction. This Robert did with the aid of psychotherapy sessions, meditation, Yoga and by practicing martial arts such as Wing Chun Kung Fu. 

Robert has earned oodles of money from his many movies. Currently, he is off drugs and is the highest paid actor on the international scene. He has received millions upon millions of dollars from The Iron Man Series and has also made up to half a million dollars each from his roles in The Avengers Series.  



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Life Story…

His father and mother were both from the acting profession which gave Robert Downey Jr. a launching pad to being a Hollywood celeb himself. His father’s name was Robert Downey Sr. while his mother’s name was Elsie Ann. His mother acted in some of the films made by his father and Downey Jr. too had bit parts in poppa’s movies. The drug addiction part has been explained before but suffice it to say that it was a shameful episode in Downey’s life and one that he would like to lay to rest forever. The strange cocktails of alcohol and crack not to mention ten thousand other colorful forms of chemical crap would make life hard for Junior later on in life.    

While he was a teenager, Robert Downey Jr. shared a flat with Kiefer Sutherland for a period of three years. The brief forays into movies began with stints in Weird Science and The Pick-Up Artist. Less than Zero saw him give a stellar performance, the first one in his career. With Air America and Soapdish, he began to be taken seriously in some higher circles. But it was with Chaplin that Robert Downey Jr. really made it into the mile high club. His constant revision of actions which he mastered for the movie made him a contender for an Academy Award which he unfortunately lost to Al Pacino for his outstanding performance in Scent of a Woman.

One of the other films which Robert excellently portrayed himself in was Natural Born Killers. Then from the mid-Nineties to the turn of the millennium, he got caught up in drugs, drugs and more drugs. From then onwards life was a roller coaster ride of chasing the dragon. Downey lost his peace of mind and went on wild sprees like some of the other bad boys of Tinsel Town (think Christian Slater and Charlie Sheen). He only recovered after he finally gained the courage to seek genuine help. And by the Grace of God, today he is totally drug free.   

He made it to playing Ally McBeal’s significant other. But due to his drug issues he was kicked off the set by the producers. Later on Robert confessed on Oprah that he nearly lost his life and ended up sinking to the level of the gutter thanks to drugs. It was in fact a miracle that he found his way back out of that shit pit. 

Finally, Robert was sober and shot back to fame. He redeemed Mel Gibson in the eyes of the people by embracing him and saying a few moving words of encouragement to the people to forgive him for his anti-Semitic rants. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Zodiac lay in the future too. His Iron Man Series made him a name that was even on every three-year-olds’ lips. Tropic Thunder and The Avengers gave him an even bigger boost and currently he is the man of the moment. An accomplished star with a beautiful wife, named Susan, Downey chooses to live life within the norm instead of at the extremes where it loses its pleasure and which are dangerous to boot. 


“Bon voyage”

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  • 1985 Weird Science
  • 1986 Back to School
  • 1987 The Pick-Up Artist
  • 1987 Less Than Zero
  • 1988 Johnny Be Good
  • 1989 Chances Are
  • 1990 Air America
  • 1991 Soapdish
  • 1992 Chaplin
  • 1993 Heart and Souls
  • 1993 Short Cuts
  • 1994 Hail Caesar
  • 1994 Natural Born Killers
  • 1994 Only You
  • 1995 Richard III
  • 1997 One Night Stand
  • 1997 Two Girls and a Guy
  • 1998 U.S. Marshals
  • 1999 Friends & Lovers
  • 1999 Black and White
  • 2003 The Singing Detective
  • 2003 Gothika
  • 2005 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • 2005 Good Night, and Good Luck
  • 2006 The Shaggy Dog
  • 2006 A Scanner Darkly
  • 2006 A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
  • 2007 Zodiac
  • 2008 Charlie Bartlett
  • 2008 Iron Man
  • 2008 Tropic Thunder
  • 2009 The Soloist
  • 2009 Sherlock Holmes
  • 2010 Iron Man 2
  • 2010 Due Date
  • 2011 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
  • 2012 The Avengers
  • 2013 Iron Man 3
  • 2014 The Judge


Pouty poopy pants

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  • The Futurist
  • Smile
  • White Christmas
  • River
  • Every Breath you Take
  • Chances Are
  • Snakes
  • In My Dreams
  • Broken

Awards and Accolades…

  • Academy Award
  • BAFTA Award
  • Critics’ Choice Movie Award
  • Empire Award
  • Golden Globe Award
  • Kids’ Choice Award
  • MTV Movie Award
  • People’s Choice Award
  • Satellite Award
  • Saturn Award
  • Teen Choice Award


“It’s like Christmas, but with more…me.”

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Quotable Quotes…

  • Since day one, Downey has felt like as if he was an outsider. He never really fit into the general scene. And it is only with extreme difficulty that he has found stability in life. 
  • He is a competitor and a fighter. And he goes for the jackpot since failure is a word that is absent from his lexicon. 
  • People consider him a bisexual and a lunatic. He is okay with that since it comes with the territory. 
  • It is only recently that he has decided to become choosier about his roles in movies. Quality beats quantity every time. 
  • Downey believes that there is some good in evil and some evil in good. Nobody’s perfect except for maybe God!

The Man is a Success and Everyone Else Sucks!

A Round of Applause for Robert…

He is a True Iron Man Indeed!

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