Andy Dick held in Police Custody for Purloined Necklace

Andy Dick held in Police Custody for Purloined Necklace

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Andy Dick is being held in police custody for a purloined necklace.

Andy Dick is guilty of managing to escape with a necklace that belonged to someone else and was worth $1000. The crackpot actor was shmoozing along on his bike on Hollywood Boulevarde and saw a guy with an expensive chain. He caught up with him and asked him in a friendly manner if he could take a look at the chain. 

The man recognized Andy instantly from his appearances on television. So he allowed him the act of sheer interference in the private matters of others. Andy then casually rode off with the chain. The man reported the matter to the police. 

Andy was caught on Friday in the vicinity of his apartment. He was arrested immediately and right now the dumbass is rotting away in jail. No commentary has come forth from Andy’s side. 

He is supposedly a kleptomaniac and it shows. 48 years old and truly troubled and tormented, the actor did comedy skits. He however managed to make a fool of himself this time around. 

The charges against Andy are grand theft and felony. If he is guilty as charged, he could stand to serve three years behind the slammer. That would be enough time to think in depth of how stupid a step stealing someone’e expensive necklace could be!

However, someone did finally pay the 25K bail money on Saturday. He was released and the charges against him will be presented in court before a judge and jury. The man misbehaved and badly ruined his image.

What is not certain is whether he was drunk at the time of the theft. He has been known to have been taking drugs for quite some time now and also spoke of his addictive personality on TV before.

His boisterous and prankster-like ways have landed him in trouble before. In the past he has been guilty of taking a heady mix of alcohol and drugs and making mischief at a restaurant. Then he also supposedly groped a bouncer at a club for which he was arrested.

About six years back he was detained for touching a teenager in a very explicit manner. The man obviously needs help since he has too many skeletons in his closet. The issues he has in his subconscious need to be brought to the light of day and neutralized. Only then will Andy be free of his addiction to substances and bad behavior. 

Sources: TMZ , E! News

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