Aniston Allure Allure: Jennifer Aniston poses Naked for Allure with her Hairstylist

Jennifer Aniston poses for Allure with her hairstylist


  • Jennifer Aniston sat down for an interview with Allure magazine’s January 2015 edition.

Aniston was joined by her fiancé Justin Theroux as they told the magazine about their shared facial sessions. Jennifer shed light on feminism, motherhood, pregnancy pressures and her new movie portrayal in Cake.

The former Friends actress, Jennifer Aniston, who has definitely made her own mark in a way is being featured on the 2015 edition of Allure magazine. The first attraction has to be her photo shoot.

The photo grabbing a lot of attention has to be her bare torso-snuggle with her hair stylist Chris McMillan; the guy who gave her the Rachel cut. Jennifer bore her torso as well as Chris whose tattoo covered arms covered her and kept her safe. Both were smiling and looked super cool.

What looked cooler was Aniston’s messy curly hairstyle. She usually prefers to keep it dead straight but she admitted that it takes a lot of effort and products to manage that hairdo. You have to run down the beach to fill sea water in bottles to spray on your hair. She said you’re not always on the beach so it is better to let them go wild, curly and messy. Chris seemed to have given her new hairstyle his blessings as it seems so in the photo.

Other photos in the shoot include Jen posing in a light peach rhinestone studded dress with her new hairstyle. She looked like a splash of fresh summer and her interview definitely seemed to explain her mood.

She shed some light on her views on feminism and the pressure she has been facing over the years to get pregnant. She expressed that it’s really a wrong concept that a woman can only be complete once she gives birth. Just because she hasn’t delivered a child doesn’t mean she hasn’t got maternal motives. She is not thinking about having a baby yet. 

She is definitely enjoying her time with her fiancé Justin Theroux who walked in on the interview and hung around with her to answer a few questions, including the confession that they go and get facials together.

Aniston admitted that he is not threatened for his masculinity so he’s not afraid to admit that he does that with her. The engagement wasn’t ceremonious and Jen’s not sharing any wedding plans either but they are just living together in complete bliss and they want to extend that time further.

Jen also shed some light on her new upcoming movie Cake, in which she is supporting a no-make up character with a scar on her face. Critics have already praised her performance to the extent that there might be an Oscar nomination in her way next year. Aniston said that she loved her character’s life and journey and it inspired her.

She said that people only consider you an actor once you bare a no glamour role. She said that her character has taught her that beauty might have a different definition for a lot of people and she has learned that. It might be an inspiration for her to change her hairstyle. 

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