Anna Kendrick on Sexism in Hollywood and Pitch Perfect 3

Anna Kendrick on Sexism in Hollywood and Pitch Perfect 3

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Anna Kendrick, the star of Pitch Perfect, explained the problems one has to face on reaching middle adulthood and the sexism prevalent in Tinsel Town.

Anna Kendrick is wearing casual clothes as she sits in a yoga-like pose. As for her hair, they are pulled back in a chignon. The woman looks like she is right at home during the span of the interview. She admits she is in a mess. After days upon days of spring cleaning and packing her bags not to mention too much television viewing, she is frazzled as far as her nerves are concerned.

She hardly wears much to bed anymore. The reason behind such carelessness and slovenliness? She has a lot on her plate. From eight films to various other projects, Anna is definitely booked for the future.

Pitch Perfect 2 is about to get out too and she will be the main mistress of the film. She is also to star in The Accountant with Ben Affleck. She is a born performer though. Acting is therefore something which comes naturally to her. 

Anna Kendrick’s “keep it real” attitude has won her many a strong female admirer. She has 4 million followers on Twitter alone. She tells Glamour that turning 30 years of age after the tipover from 29 was quite a challenge. Now she thinks she wants to connect to her inner child who is just 3 years old. But then she pooh poohs the idea and says to herself that “I am 30, so what the hell!” 

However, at times she feels like a mature and responsible adult too. That is when she really feels good about herself. She believes childhood was a blessing and she had a peaceful childhood. But it is also good to be an adult. That is so that we can rediscover the mystery of childhood as an adult. Besides, childhood captured in adulthood is the very definition of genius. 

Then there is the gender gap. As a fun fearless female, she feels strongly that women should come out of their shells. The sense of injustice that she thinks patriarchy has unleashed through the ages on womankind is simply too horrific to even go into without feeling extreme anger and indignation. 

Anna believes that a man /4/laugh or cry. Why, he /4/even put gold nailpolish on his nails if he so wishes. It all depends on being true to your inner self. And while she is a hard worker, she is not the least bit afraid that she will be left unemployed one day. The world is full of a hundred million things to do for a person with a sense of wonder and purpose.  

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