McDonald’s Reintroduces Hamburglar

McDonald's Reintroduces Hamburglar

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Micky D (that would be McDonalds) has reintroduced a more mature version of the retroactive Hamburglar. Instead of the single toothed kid the new form is that of a man who is kind of sexy.

Ronald McDonald was handling the burden of McDonald’s ad campaigns up until now. But with dwindling sales due to the junk food scare and an image problem of having promoted morbid obesity, Micky D is on the mend. After its previous CEO who was a Black American was fired, the new CEO has plans on refurnishing McDonalds with healthier fare and changing its very image in the public’s eye. 

For one thing, a character that used to appear 13 years ago (that would be 2002) named the Hamburglar is making a reappearance. The comeback of this dude is in such a manner that he has literally undergone a metamorphosis. Instead of the cute chubby kid with a toothsome grin and mask, the new version shows a manly adult with a much more sophisticated look and demeanor. 

Termed the same moniker of The Hamburglar, this dude is shown in an ad for McDonald’s new Sirloin Third Pound Burger. As he makes some barbecue goods at home on an open flame grill, when an announcement of the burger comes, he drops the spatula right there on the spot in excitement. 

The new Hamburglar is a far cry from the cute yet childish symbol of the past. That one was more like an Archie Andrews look-alike and it was slightly goofy too. Yet the current one is much more testosterone-laden and is even sexy if you think about it. Yet the Internet, especially Twitter, has gone head over heels into creating silly memes about the present character too. It seems you cannot win them all. 

The Hamburglar is a creepy and sneaky character alright. Yet he also possesses some of the charm that just might inflate Micky D’s deflated sales status. Besides this, the introduction of meat from chickens raised without any antibiotic shots /4/also prove to be a plus point for the huge chain with branches spread throughout the world. 

McDonalds has been blamed for everything from the diseases of civilization (obesity, diabetes and heart disease) to a rape of the planet’s natural resources in the form of rearing livestock for the consumption needs of an elite crowd.

It will need more than just cosmetic transformations like the Hamburglar to improve its ugly visage. That is because the cultures of the world rely on traditional slow food that is lovingly cooked instead of the soulless slapdash method of cooking Micky D employs in its fast food.      

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