Scientists X-ray Chocolate to Improve its Quality

Scientists X-ray Chocolate to Improve its Quality


  • X-Ray Studies of Chocolate Reveal Methods of Improving its Quality

Several X-ray studies of chocolate have been made by scientists. These have revealed methods of improving its quality and making it more delicious.

X-ray studies of chocolate /4/lend insight on how to improve its quality and nutritive value. And the good thing is that it will taste better too. The main issue was the creation of fat bloom, a white layer on the surface of the chocolate.

Even though fat bloom is a benign phenomenon, it is unsightly and often leads to customer dissatisfaction and wholesale rejection of the chocolate samples in the marketplace. The problem remained unsolved up until now. 

The evidence that has come to light suggests that cocoa fat rises to the surface of the chocolate and forms a crystallized layer there. This is the outcome of liquid chocolate undergoing cooling in a haphazard manner. The growth of reactive compounds leads to this white fungus-like accretion on the surface of chocolate bars. 

It is essentially the liquid state of the chocolate that causes this queer product to accumulate on the surface. Fat bloom is the #1 problem that the chocolate industry has faced since eons. When scientists observed the process in detail and in depth they discovered that the ingredients react with each other to form the resulting layer. 

When X-rays penetrated through a ground-up mixture of the ingredients of the chocolate, the researchers saw for themselves the effects of the complex process on a nano-scale. Some sunflower oil was put in the mix and the changes that additional input caused were noted down too. The mechanism through which fat bloom got made in the first place became clear as the light of day. 

The resultant good news is that fat bloom can be reduced without much difficulty. All that is needed is the right procedures at the right moment in the churning of chocolate. The whole problem was one of crystallization and temperature control. Vary these variables and the phenomenon of fat bloom goes out the window. 

Since chocolate consistency and outcome is due to the extreme sensitivity of the cocoa material to temperature, this factor /4/be manipulated to create fat bloom-free chocolate bars that look good as new. And their taste will also be much fresher and better than the chocolate bars of the past. In the future the so-called moldy chocolate will be an extinct thing.   

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