Anna Wintour remembers Oscar de la Renta

Anna Wintour travels down Memory Lane a la Oscar de la Renta

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  • Anna Wintour travels down Memory Lane a la Oscar de la Renta
  • Anna recounted her days spent in Oscar de la Renta’s company.
  • She described him as a true democrat.

Anna has fond memories of this wonderfully sweet and sensitive fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta, who never met a man he didn’t like.

Anna recently sat down to recollect the life and times of the famous fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta who died some time back. According to Anna, he was a man for all occasions. He was a truly walking talking democratic institution in himself. 

There was nothing snobbish about this gentleman. He could be just as comfortable dining with the ultra rich as he was with his menial staff. And his designer brand of clothes reflected his unique character: happy, upbeat, enthusiastic and chivalrous. 

He had told her about his times in Paris when he worked in tandem with Miss Arden. Oscar was always a man who affirmed life and he had refused further treatment last week before dying on the same grounds that life was only worth living when it had some quality to it. 

He was old by now and worn out. It was time to say goodbye to the world at large. Anna spoke with tenderness how she and her daughter had paid Oscar a visit before his death and he had spoken with them passionately despite the fact that he was in his last stages and could not move. 

She had shared a chicken sandwich with his wife and nurse. And Oscar had said to Anna that he loved her and she said that she loved him right back. Anna said that he was a real family man and was generous to the extreme. 

He never looked down upon the common folks and mixed with them freely. Oscar had also set up many charitable foundations. He was a very decent and warmhearted soul who wouldn’t hurt a fly. 

Anna had only kind words for him and finally said that he was the best of friends. Here was a man who loved you unconditionally and never sought to change you if you were his friend. Now that is the ultimate compliment any man can give a woman!

Source: Vogue

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