Apple Returns To The Top With Computers

Apple Returns To The Top With Computers

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Mac sales have returned with a vengeance, keeping the Cupertino company on top

Apple began selling Mac computers 30 years ago, although there have been people doubting them in the past couple of years. With their most recent announcement, however, they have shown that they are now selling more computers than they ever have before, earning them a larger market share than they could have imagined.

PC sales have been drastically dropping over the past few years, in part due to the release of tablets that can function as computers. In December 2011, for example, Apple announced that they had sold 5.2 million Macs that quarter, although they wouldn’t reach near that number again for a while. In 2014, they are now saying that their sales are up 20% and they have even earned a market share in China that has been bumped up 54%.

In part that is because of the more appealing options that they have in terms of price. Many people see the price of Mac computers as too high, but they are more than willing to purchase cheaper products. As Apple has released smaller, cheaper products, they are introducing people to the company. Once they have purchased one product, they might be wiling to spend the cash on more expensive ones as well.

Also helping that is the fact that iPhones and iPads now work fluidly with Apple’s line of computers. Switching between the devices makes the computer and the devices more appealing, so Apple is clearly doing everything that they can to make them as exciting as possible. We will have to wait and see what is coming next, but it is believed that they are going to be announcing more Retina display computers at the very least.

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